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Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

May you have a Spectacular Day!

Hard to believe that is Oct 31st. The kiddies will be out in their costumes in full force tonight. There will be witches, ghosts, Hanna Montana, Monsters, Vampires etc. There will be pillow cases full of candy and pranks played. What are your plans the this Hallowed Evening!

Hubby has picked up the Halloween candy, yes we left it to the last possible minute, otherwise would be picking up more again as the kids would have eaten it all....okay we would have helped out with that. lol Sent my son his costume on the bus, he is off to a party tonight....there will be a pink cat prowling around the city of Saskatoon tonight! That's right the Pink Panther will be in town for the may even see more than one of them around.

The girls are off to party's with their friends...neither is driving which is a good thing.

Well I will be short and sweet today! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


With Halloween only a few days away now, started to think about past years of Halloween Celebrations from Trick or Treating as a kid, to school dances to getting dressed up and going to dances or the bar with friends. One of my favorite things to dress up as was a witch or the bride of Frankenstein.

Just a few years ago my husband and I went to a local dance. His costume was awesome....we didn't walk in to the hall together. I told everyone he was meeting me there as he was coming from LaRonge from work. People believed me when I told him I was waiting for him to meet me there. Made it look real as well....every time the door opened I would turn to see if he had arrived. He picked up this mask of an old cigar smoking man, over sized pants, shirt (stuffed to fit) & rubber boots walked with a cane. He was priceless. The entire evening everyone was trying to figure out who he was. Al was getting so hot under the mask that he couldn't wait until the end of the evening to reveal who he was. The mask fit perfectly couldn't tell where the mast stopped and his skin started around the eyes.

In true tradition my girls are leaving it to the last possible minute to decide what to dress up as. This year they are completely on their own as I am out of town tomorrow - Wednesday & Thursday. I am sure they will come up with something good. A visit to Value Village and they will come home with a costume of some sort, retro and all. It seems weird to hear my girls say they want to dress like the 70's or 80's, especially since those the years that I grew up....I guess it reality it is no different than when I was their age I liked to dress like the 50's or 60's.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Its Been A While

It has been a while since my last post. I think it was just after my father passed away. So today I decided its time to start getting back into the groove of things. Enough of putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. So figured today was good as any day to get back to my blog.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We spent the weekend with friends in Flin Flon. The Korte's maybe our friends but they are more like family to us. It seemed like we barely arrived and we were leaving again. Time flys when you have fun.

Last weekend Al and I went to Regina for the SK Apprenticeship Board Awards Banquet. Al mentored one of the guys on his crew that received the award for the highest marks over all in his class. Al won this same award in 2003. So after the banquet we took the shuttle over to Casino Regina. Last time I was there was in 2003. Anyways I don't really play the casino games very much but that night plugged $20 into the slot machine and won $216.

Hard to believe that Friday is Halloween. Hopefully it won't be too cold for the Trick or Treater's this year.

Well that is all for today will be back tomorrow to write more.

Till then....God Bless