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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Yesterday I while I was on Facebook, I checked out the new pictures that my daughter had posted. As I was going through them I realized that she had taken some of her favorite pictures and edited them. I really like the effect of the photos where she took out all the color except for one or two particular colors. Of course this sparked my interest (anything to do with photography grabs my interest - a favorite hobby of mine) so I asked her how she did this. She tells me about this photo editing website called PicNik.

Here is the link to the website

I have only started to look at this site but like what I see. Picnik is free to use but also gives you the option to upgrade to PicNik Premium for a yearly fee. So yesterday I decided to try this site out.

This picture I made a collage of 3 different pictures, changed them to Black & White and added just a bit of color around Meagan's face then added a frame to the collage.

I took this picture of Meagan and turned into into a pencil sketch but softened the amount of pencil to leave a bit of color then added a boarder around the picture.

Monday, 29 June 2009

June is Flying By

Where has the month of June gone. Here it is already June 29th and it feels like June only just started a couple of days ago. Hard to believe that we are over half way through 2009. Time definitely goes by faster as you get older.

Over the weekend my daughter - Meagan, attended St Mary High School Graduation, so once again I was up at 4 am heading to town to pick her up from the Safe Grad.

Saturday we were celebrating a friends 50th Birthday. With time flying by I had to quickly make a birthday card. I forgot to pull the pictures off my camera so I will post pictures of the card tomorrow to show you.

My daughter Brittany is now a certified Esthetician-Nail Technician. This is now a recognized trade by the Saskatchewan Trade Apprenticeship Board. Once Brittany has her hours in she can apply to write her Provincial Journeyperson's papers. We are going to be contacting the Trade Apprenticeship Board for all the information needed as to the hours needed etc.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Grad Pictures Continued

Jas and Meagan

Kelsey, Victoria, Ashley, ?, ?, Meagan, Taylor, Emily

Victoria, Meagan, Kelsey
Shelby & Meagan


The first dance is with the graduates escort, then the parents and the last 3 dances were with people that were important in the graduates life. Meagan's first dance was with her escort Jas, then with her dad, with her very close friend Cole, with her brother Mike and then with another friend Chad. He asked Meagan for one of the special dances, which in a way was a surprise to Meagan.

Meagan & Jaz

Meagan and her Dad!

Meagan & Cole

Meagan & Michael

Meagan & Chad

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Graduation Continued

After the morning ceremonies ended we rushed over to the hair salon for Meagan's appointment. Gord did a wonderful job on her hair.

After Meagan's hair appointment it was a rush to get to the photographers, which we were a few minutes late for. We had done most of the sitting on June 11th but ended up getting rained out just when they were doing the pictures at the train bridge. So after Meagan's pictures her and I headed over to the train bridge to take a couple of pictures.

Supper at Zorba's Restaurant

Meagan with her God-Mother Brenda

Meagan and Wesley. I had to bribe him to pose for the picture but the smile on their faces was worth the beanie baby.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Class of 2009 - Awards Ceremony

June 19th marked a special day in the lives of 330 Carlton Comprehensive High School Students. This day they will remember for a lifetime.

The Graduate
Meagan is in the back row third from the end on the right side.

Meagan and Kelsey have been best friends since Grade 9.

Meagan and Cole and her best guy friend.

Meagan and her Physics teacher. This is one of her favorite teachers from High School.

Yes I am a very proud mother. I am also very glad that I don't have to deal with high school teachers anymore as well.

Michael is very proud of his little sister.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Last Day of School

Today is Meagan's last official day of High School. She has her last final exam this morning and then she is done. My baby is growing up so fast. Friday is Graduation Day! This last semester has flown by faster than I expected it to. Hard to believe that today marks the end of 13 years of school.

The next couple of days will busy getting ready for everything. Unfortunately those that she invited to attend her graduation are unable to make it out, but Meagan understands why they can't be here.

As for plans for the future, she does want to go back to school but not sure for what yet, so we told her to take the year to work and think through some options before jumping in.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Grad Party

I love this picture of my three kids!
Meagan, Brittany,Michael

Saturday we held a party to honor our daughter's Graduation. We had a beautiful day for the event. Friday they came out and set up the tent, Al picked up the hot tub for the weekend and I set to prepping food for the weekend. Oh! and I can't forget the Jello Shooters...out of about 121 that I made there are about 12 left in my fridge.

The little ones especially enjoyed the Hot Tub.

The Dress

The Gift Opening


Meagan's favorite cake - Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake!
Seeing I forgot to order a cake we were really lucky to get a cake with the Red Roses. I think we were lucky period just to get an ice cream cake.
A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The house renovations are coming along really well. We nearly have all the siding up thanks to my hubby...he has done a lot of work on the house. We had our friends come out and help for a weekend. Jack and Al got the 2 entrance doors in, the garden doors and 5 windows in the house. Al was sure grateful for Jack's always go much faster when you have a couple of people working with you. I have been taking pictures and video of the reno's but haven't had chance to pull them off the camera yet.

Friday May 29th was the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Our team the Stud's 'n Peeler's participated once again. We are one of about 3 teams that have been participating since the first Relay For Life in 2001. We have 4 team members that have been on the team either as a stud or a peeler since 2001 as well. We raised $7415, second highest funds raised for Prince Albert. I do have some pictures from the Relay as well but again I haven't taken them off the camera yet.

We moved our son back home on Sunday. Cheaper to live at home and look for work than to try and struggle to pay rent while looking for work. It is nice to have him home again, but I know he will be wanting to be back on his own as soon as he can get back on his feet.

Last night we went to the John Fogerty concert in Saskatoon. For a 64 yr old man he sure can Rock. It was an excellent concert and I am really glad that we went.

Well that is about it for today! Hopefully will have the pictures pulled off the camera soon so I can post some photos.