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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Stars Are A-lining

Things are going well for my family.  It is so nice when the stars aline so to speak.  All my kids have good jobs that enable them to support themselves.  They are all living on their own, my house is so quiet when it is just me and the dog.

My son and a friend of his had been looking for a place to live where they could share the rent but just weren't having much luck and maybe it is a good thing as they also found out that they are not the best suited to live together..... So yesterday evening we went with our son to check out a basement suite.  It is in a really nice neighborhood in town and in an old character home too.  The kitchen and dining area are small but perfect for a room, bedroom and bathroom are really nice size.  So after looking at the place and negotiating the rent, we walked away with my son telling the guy he would get back to him by the morning to confirm but was pretty sure he would take it.  After talking to his dad and I he decided yes he'll take it...he won't get anything better with everything included except phone....laundry is even included.

So today my son and his dad are moving his stuff in to get him settled.  The owner has both a cat and dog that hang around and my son being the animal lover said not a problem.....really nice owners.  As it turns out the guy happened to mention he has a restaurant out at Christopher Lake...the light bulb light up the bells went off in my head and I blurted out that is where I recognize you from.  Back in 2008 when Al and I were cleaning out my dad's place at Northside we went up to Christopher Lake for supper.  We spotted this new restaurant that had just opened, the food was fabulous.  The owner/chef went around an met with the patrons and talked with everyone.  In conversation he had told me that his mom had owned Central Perc up by the court house but closed it after they opened at the lake and it was her baking that they served.  Oh my it was delicious.  Mike isn't bound by anything other than a month by month agreement so if he and a friend decide to share a place sometime in the future all he has to do is give a month's notice. It is a perfect suite for a young single guy. 

Life is good today!


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A little Rain

I guess with the sunshine, sooner or later a little rain must come.  This morning as I was driving into work I noticed that the sky in the northwest was heavy and black.  Shortly after arriving at home the skies moved in and opened up with some thunder and lightening and of course rain.  Tomorrow and Thursday's forecast isn't too bad but then Friday and Saturday the weather man is calling for rain and sun....crossing my fingers that the forecast changes by then and we have beautiful sunny skis with warm temperatures.....with all our company it will be a really really full house.....if it rains.  Sunday and Monday are supposed to be nice...I am hoping for sunny skis all weekend...well from Thursday till Monday for sure.  Sitting around a campfire is much more fun if it isn't raining.  Lawn games such as ladder golf, horseshoes and Beer Frisbee not so much fun in the rain either.....

So as my grandmother used to say when she wanted sunshine.....

Rain Rain Go Away
Come again another day!  


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Busy as Bees

This past week my hubby has been a very busy worker bee.  Al cleaned out what was part of Brittany's old room in the basement and what was a family room.  A truck load to the dump (almost like an episode of Hoarders), walls came down, walls went up, carpet down, beds, end tables and lamps set up...looks like a huge hotel room right now...  Al along with the help of Trent, Brittany's boyfriend got the north stud wall built, insulated and gyproced, will finish the east wall later.  This is going to be our theater room, we're going to be able to put on big ass TV in there.  So with family coming for the weekend it sparked us to get working on the theater room sooner than anticipated but a good thing. 

We are having an invasion of family for the long weekend.  It is going to be like a mini family reunion on Al's side of the family - sure to be a lot of fun, lots of re-connecting.  If all our kids can make it out sometime during the weekend and if Al`s niece and her family come (we`ll get to meet her little guy too), we'll have up to 23 people here this weekend.  This is the number that I am planning for.  We'll have Al`s two nephew`s from Fort MacMurray along with Keith`s boys and his girlfriend and her two children.  Al's sister and her husband and their two children and their families.  A house it will be.....

It will be nice to meet Keith`s boys, the eldest two are men now.....we haven`t seen his two eldest since 1994 or 1995 and we haven`t met his youngest who I think is 16.  I am looking forward to getting to know Kelly`s better and to meet her two children.  So this weekend we'll get to meet four great-nephews, two that we haven't seen since since they were little and two that we haven't met yet - one is 16 yrs ols and the other is 1 yr old.

It will be wonderful to reconnect with family.....lots of catching up to do in a little bit of time.... maybe this will be the start of a yearly family reunion. 

So today we picked up some light bulbs, new dimmer switch for the living and room and few other things....just a few more things and we`re done getting ready....might have to take Friday off next week to finish up and small things left needing doing.

Life is good......looking forward to wonderful weekend with family.   Who knows maybe we'll make this annual event.

We`ve been busy little bees but will be all worth it in the end....


Friday, 26 August 2011

Brian & Trudy - Get Hitched!!

I have to say I really enjoyed taking the pictures for Brian & Trudy on their special day.  There was no pressure and the wedding party as huge as it was were very cooperative too...  It is a small gathering of friends and family and a bit of step back into the 1800's as Trudy would tell you with a bit of modern times added.

Here are a few of the photos from that might want to grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!

A moment in time between....
Father and Son!

The Hitchin' Post
A wedding alter that suited the theme of the Wild Wild West

Gettin' Ready!!

 Trudy did all the beading on her leggings as well as on the legging of for the outfits for the two little girls.
A friend of hers made the moccasins.
 Pastor Rick preparing

 Saskatchewan's Most Wanted
 Dead or Alive!

The Wedding Cake!

The Guys gathering at the front of the house just before the ceremony is to start!
 The Men in Black!
 The Best Men lined up!
The Groom

The cutest little cowboy!
Two little Princesses!
The Bride makes her entrance.
The song Trudy chose to come down the isle to was absolutely beautiful.  It reminded me of a spiritual song you would hear at a Pow Wow!
Trudy's eldest Grandson gave her away in place of her father who us unable to travel for her wedding.
Waiting to give the Bride Away!
 Pastor Rick and Pastor Ruth
The Rings
Click on the photo to see a larger image
Signing the "Registrar"
The new 
Mr. & Mrs. B
 Wishing the newly weds the very best that life has to offer!
May you have many years of happiness together 
and your memory quilt sewn together with love!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rehearsal BBQ

This weekend we attended the wedding of our friends Brian & Trudy! Friday night we were invited to the rehearsal BBQ and rehearsal.  It was actually a good idea for us to attend as it gave me a better idea of how it would be set up so that I could figure out the best places to stand to get good shots.  As the evening started out my husband came up with the idea that it would be so nice for them to have their wedding on video.  So he decided he would be the video-ographer.  They couldn't have asked for a better day weather wise. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't cold and there was no rain...perfect day for a beautiful wedding.

Here are a few shots from the rehearsal and the wedding. 

  Photo props in the back corner.
The wooden baskets were filled with apples and corn.
The bridesmaids had a bit of fun at the lovely bride's expense when they presented her with her rehearsal veil & bouquet. lol

That is just a few of the photos form the rehearsal on Friday evening......


Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Girls~

On Tuesday evening my girls came out to spend that night with me do laundry and have supper together.  Meagan asked if we would have time to do some once we finished all the prep work for supper, Brittany had laundry going they got ready and I got the camera set up and off we went out to the field to get some pictures of the two of them together.

Here are a few shots from the evening.  You might want to grab something to drink as there are quite a few pictures to see.

I really like the golden glow that the setting sun gave these pictures!
 Peeking around from behind the bales!
 Looking off into the sunset!!
One of my favorite shots of the evening!!
 As we were heading back to the house, Meagan had the idea to try something different so she set up the shots for me.  She wanted to try some shots of them laying on the road and getting the pictures taken from the ground up.
These pictures of Brittany were taken by Meagan!  It was more of what she was looking next time I take her pictures we can achieve what it is she was wanting.
Brittany had the idea of giving Meagan a piggy back ride!
Another unique pose for the final photos of the evening!
 I love the colors of the sky in these photo!

I always enjoy taking pictures of the girls...this is the first time I have photographed Brittany since last summer.  She never was much for having her picture taken but is getting more into it.  I told her that I would love to a sitting with her and Trent one of these days.  

Meagan loves to model for me.....a great way to hone my photography skills. Meagan also has an interest in photography and is full of ideas.