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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Faith in God

It seems that as Christmas approaches we think about those friends and loved ones that have passed on. This year my husband and I said good bye to his Uncle Claire, one of my co-workers Sharon Fitch, my Aunt Faith and now a very dear friend of ours Padre Geoff Hopper.

As sad as it is to say good bye to these people I feel confident in my faith in God that they are all in a much better place. My cousin told me a phrase this summer while were visiting the graves of our Grandma & Grandpa Sharpen and our Uncle Ralph Sharpen -- Absent from the body, Present with the Lord. This phrase has given me much comfort as I have had to say good bye to loved ones. It doesn't make it any easier to say good bye, but it does help in knowing that they have gone on before us to a much better place where they are re-united with loved ones gone on before and that they now feast at the table of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I think of my Grandma & Grandpa Gardner and how much I miss them but I have the comfort in knowing they are with the Lord, watching over me and my family. I know my mom watches over me & my family along with Grandma & Grandpa Sharpen.

My best friend Cheryl, died at 16 years old. She faced her destiny with such bravery and a strong faith in God. I remember her telling me the last time I seen her that she was going home to be with the Lord very soon. She was so looking forward to seeing her loved ones that had gone before her and to meet Jesus and walk and talk with him. She told me I won't be sick any more I will be with my loved ones. When I hugged her for what I knew would be the last time I had tears in my eyes, she told me don't be afraid for me. It will be many years but we will see each other again and I will be there to great you. When I walked out of that hospital room knowing that the next time I seen Cheryl it would be at her funeral I was sad.

Over the years my faith in God & Jesus Christ helped me realize that one day we would see each other again and I would re-united with my loved ones as well.

Monday, 26 November 2007

The Grey Cup Comes Home to SASKATCHEWAN

In our house we started watching the pre-game show at 3pm and we never stopped. It wasn't as intense of a game as I expected. The noise in the Dome sounded much like a bee hive until kick off time.

The beer was cold, the wings hot and the anticipation of the Grey Cup coming home to Saskatchewan - High.

Sunday was also my husband's we celebrated in style. I think I surprised my son at one point. He never realized that I was a true Rider Fan. It was the 3rd quarter and the ball is going down the field to Flick, how had butter fingers for most of the first 3 quarters. I jumped off the couch yelling catch the #@*^# ball. Yes I surprised my son. Hey my yelling worked Flick caught the ball and held on to it.

Yes there were some exciting plays during the game.

It took 18 years for the Grey Cup to return to Saskatchewan. In 1989 the last time Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup my middle daughter Brittany was 2 days old in the nursery at the Holy Family Hospital. They had all the babies wrapped in green that day. My room was the only one with the game playing on the TV, nurses kept popping in to find out the score and keep up on the game. Kent Austin was playing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders then, now he is back as head coach. First time as a head coach and he takes his team all the way to 1st Place in the West Division after finishing 2nd during the regular season and then bringing the coveted Grey Cup home to Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Saskatchewan Roughriders.....You did it!

Monday, 19 November 2007

We're Going to the Grey Cup!

Rider Nation is celebrating. Yesterday Saskatchewan Rough Riders took 1st Place in the West Division against the BC Lions.

We're going to the Grey Cup Baby!

A long standing rivalry just took on a new twist, with Winnipeg Blue Bombers taking 1st place in the East against the Toronto Argonauts.

Sunday November 25, 2007 the Saskatchewan Rough Riders will face off against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the game of the season......the GREY CUP! I look forward to cold beer, hot wings and a great football game on Sunday.

The unfortunate part in the Winnipeg / Toronto game was when Glenn broke his arm.

This is first time that both prairie teams will face each other in the Grey Cup! This is a game for the books, either way it will be a great game to watch.

My prediction is the Rough Riders with a 10 point spread!


Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hunting Season

Hunting Season is upon us. As my family can attest to I can get a bigger trophy buck than either my husband or my son and I don't have to spend hours out in the cold tracking and luring those fine creatures in. Nope I just have to drive down the road and the jump out and no top of my car, BAM....done bagged me a buck. At least that is how it happened in 2005. Not exactly the way I would like to see a buck up close and personal like. A set of antlers coming straight at me, everything in slow motion what seemed like minutes was only a couple of seconds. Yes I have bagged my share of deer with vehicles both in and out of hunting season.

So my son Michael bought his tag, stocked up on shells, dug out his hunting suit and made his lunch for the day is off to see what is out there. This morning he was up before 5:30 am, earliest I have seen him out of bed in a long time, probably hunting season last year. Michael is venturing out today with my cousin Bryon on their quest for a big buck. Something about being able to come home with big buck that makes a man feel like a MAN; Big buck, nice rack....that is antlers for all you that might be thinking otherwise...get your minds back on

Wonder if they would be singing Elmer Fudd's tune.... A hunting we will go, A hunting we will go.....probably not, at least not out loud.

Happy Hunting Boys~

Monday, 5 November 2007

Graduation is around the corner

Time flies by so fast these days. In just 7 months from now my daughter Brittany will be graduating. Before I know it will be here.

Saturday my husband and I went with Brittany to look at Grad dresses. I thought my husband was going to fall when he seen the prices of some of these dresses. When I graduated in 1984 the prices were high but not as high as they are now but they haven't increased as much as they could have in 24 years.

Brittany has her eye on a couple of dresses that she really likes. She has been to the other shops in town and hasn't found anything that has struck her like these two have. I told her she should stop looking and we'll go back in a couple of weeks and see if she still feels the same about either of these ones she likes. By then they will have more new styles in as well.

I can hardly believe that Brittany will be graduating....seems like only a couple of years ago I was sending her off to Kindergarten.