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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Moving on

Today my son moved to Saskatoon to start a new job tomorrow morning working for a commercial cleaning company that works does insurance jobs after fires, floods etc. As this isn't the first time that he has moved away from home, this time it isn't hard on me. I am very happy for Michael to taking a step in a new direction in his life.

Al and I have an open door policy when it comes to our kids. If they want to move out and try it on their own we support that but we also understand that there may be a time where they need to come home and back on their feet.

Michael and his friend Dave left for Saskatoon about 2pm today. They found a 2 bedroom basement suit for June 1st, rent is reasonable includes all utilities and they have the responsibility to mow the lawn and shovel snow for a break in rent. For two young guys on their own they couldn't ask for a better deal than that. So until June Michael will stay with Dave at his 1 bedroom suit and sleep on the couch. As Michael puts it is only for 1 month then we move into our new place I think I can handle staying on the coach for the month of May.

The nice thing is for now Michael only had to take his clothes, laptop and his hedgehog. We'll move all his big things down at the end of May when he and Dave move into their new place.

I am very proud of Michael for how he has matured over the years into a good man. He will do fine in what ever he does and where ever he goes.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saying Good Bye

Good bye is always so hard to is so permanent almost like you will never see that person again. Many people prefer to say "See you later", "So long", Bye till next time" but "Good Bye" sounds so per permanent.

On Thursday my husband was faced with saying "Good Bye" to a good friend from his childhood, Darryl. Darryl lost his battle with prostrate cancer on Monday. Unfortunately by the time we knew when the funeral would be I was in Regina for a Client Services Team Meeting for work and not able to return until Thursday evening forcing my husband to face the day by himself. I told him that all he had to do was close his eyes for a moment and imagine me beside him holding his hand and I would be there in spirit for him. All morning Thursday my mind was with my husband, wishing I was there with him to help him through the time of the funeral and burial.

I had the girls drop me off in Birch Hills where I met up with Al at Randy's place. He told him about the funeral and how he thought it wouldn't be that hard but ended up being very difficult for him. The burial was extremely difficult because it was there that he had to face that this was Good Bye. Al said that he and Ted just stood there for a few moments watching and remembering the many times they had with Darryl and how this is the same place that Al had cut his toes off when he was cutting the grass for the church and Darryl drove him to the hospital.

At the end of the day Al told me that he was glad that his sister Marie was there, but he also realized how much support he draws from me in times like this and how much I draw from him.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Brrrr..........its cold outside

It is funny how our own thermostats work. Currently the temperature outside is -5 Celsius and it feels really cold because with the windchill is is like -12 Celsius outside. You'd think that just coming out of a Saskatchewan winter -12 C wouldn't really seem cold like it does in the late fall. Could it be the teasing temperatures we had earlier this month that were above normal for this time of year.

Good thing I didn't packed away my gloves and scarf and my sweaters for that fact. Instead of dressing for a spring day it is more like Autumn outside. Yes I wore a big sweater to work, my scarf and my gloves and I could still feel that wind cut through my fleece jacket.

I am so glad that we didn't get the snow that was predicted for Prince Albert. I started thinking of a childhood rhyme that my grandmother used to say all the time... April Showers bring forth May Flowers.......well it seems that this year April skipped the showers and went straight to snow.

So far the forcast shows we should see sunshine by Wednesday but till then we will have to put up coolertemperatures, light snow flurries and the wind.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Enough Snow Already.....

When I first read the email that a co-worker forward to me from her husband talking of this Spring Blizzard that was expected to hit around midnight Saturday night...I thought it was a joke for a split second....then realized this is Saskatchewan and any thing can happen with the weather.

Friday after work my husband, a friend of our and me went for drinks at Boston Pizza. After Sandra left, Al and I stayed to for is becoming our Friday night date night. Knowing that Danny was on his way home from work that evening we told Sandra we would stop by later. Around 11pm I could hear something lightly hitting the window...when I looked out the first time I didn't notice a thing till I looked up around the street light. There is was in all its glory SNOW....dancing around in the glow of the street lamp.

Al and I left town around 12:30 am Saturday morning....I called the kids before we left and told them I would call them when I got home and let them know if they should drive home or stay in town for the night. I am really glad that there was no traffic on the highway other than the odd vehicle as visibility was terrible. There were places that I didn't even have a car length's visibility ahead of me. What normally takes about 15 - 20 minutes to drive from Prince Albert to home took me nearly 45 minutes.

Some how it feels more like fall than spring weather........its almost as if we had spring and summer in a few short days and its back to winter......

AHHHHHH I want warm sunny weather so I can out in my flower garden and start preparing for my vegetable garden.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Life Style Change Up-date

Well today 16 days into my Life Style change I took my measurements for the first time since the start. I am so proud of myself I have lost 5 1/2 inches off my wonder my jeans are getting really baggy. As I was measuring I was happy to see 1/2 inch here and 1 inch there and wow 3 inches off my hips....YIPPEE.

I took my two dogs Timon & Rocco along with 4 cats in tow for a 1 mile walk tonight. This is the first time that I have been able to walk down the driveway and back again with out my back hurting me to the point I wasn't sure if I would be able to take another step. It felt so good to be able to make that walk and not feel that pain. The little bit of progress that I have made to date has made a big difference.

I use my weight from each Monday morning to determine how much I have lost. I weigh myself each morning, I remind myself that it is just a number I see there each morning I don't obsess over it either way. Now you may be thinking sounds like your obsessing about the pounds because I am weighing myself every day, I am using this method more as a tool to see what foods help me add the weight and which activities help me burn more calories.

I am not following one specific diet, because to me that is setting myself up for failure before I even start. How many of you had gone on a diet, reached your goal weight only to end up putting it back on and more in some cases. I know people that have tried the South Beach Diet, Dr Atkins, Grapefruit Diet and the list can go on and on. I am using the Canada Food Guide as my guide to changing my eating habits, this way I can still enjoy the same food I always have. I just do things differently like setting my fork down between each bite, savoring the flavor and enjoying my meal one bite at a time.

I journal everything I eat and drink in a day, all my physical activities and my weight. I really find this useful to see how I am doing. I remember after the birth of my eldest Michael, I visited a dietitian to help me devise a plan to loose weight. One thing she had me do was write down in a notebook everything I ate and drank during the day. I was successful at loosing my weight then and now I am already seeing success again in my efforts to loose weight.

I feel good and love the transformation I am making.

Monday, 14 April 2008

LifeStyle Change - Update~

The other morning I stepped on my scale and WHAT!!! That can't be right....I had lost nearly 8lbs over night, and no one was fiddling with my scale as it is a digital scale. I knew there was no way the weight that was staring up to me was correct. So I stepped off and back one about 5 times and each time I got a different reading. Trying to determine why this was happening I realized the my bathroom floor is not the most level and that is why my reading were off also unless you step in the same spot your weight is going to be off just a bit.

So the last couple of mornings I have taken the scale out to the hallway where it is level, marked where to put my feet and have been calculating from that. As of this morning and I take my weight each morning I have dropped 4.4 lbs in 14 days. I am very happy with that number and there is more to go yet.

I still would like to do before, during and after photos. Just to find the time to take the pictures has been the challenge.

This lifestyle change that I have started is the best thing that I did for myself in a long time. It is one thing to know what you have to do but to actually do it is another thing. For many years I kept telling myself I needed to make the changes and loose some weight but I tried it by dieting and exercising. Trying to follow a certain type of diet and eliminate all the good food in life and before I knew it I was defeated. Even with Weight Watchers I ended up being defeated. Following the points system started out good but with a growing family trying to cook for them and for me just got to be too hard and it was easier to give up then keep trying and of course the exercise ended up going to the way side as well and I was surviving miserably inside.

I avoided having my picture taken so I made sure I always had the camera in my hand, hated looking into the mirror....I didn't like the looks of the person I had become. Shopping for clothes was depressing...enough that I would grab a large glass of Pepsi or a pastry form the the bakery to make me feel better.

My biggest wake up was watching my dad have a stroke and realizing that if I don't do something different in my life I will end up the same way and most likely at a much younger age than my dad. My dad's stroke changed my life in many ways, now I had to help care for my dad and help him fight to keep his independence, not because the doctors were trying to take it away but after a major thing like a stroke it takes time for a person to get back to normal. My dad was lucky, he had Zero neurological damage from the stroke but it was going to take time for him to recover, then I took sick for February and March. While I was sick I noticed that I was loosing weight and fast as I had no appetite for the most part. Knowing this wasn't the healthy way to loose weight but at the same time seeing hey I can loose weight and I am going to do it.

Biggest Looser Couples on NBC was a great motivator as well. My daughter Brittany and I watch it every week. Before I realized it I was learning something from each episode, things to change to help me turn my life around. It is more about a lifestyle change than a diet, I have been asked by husband and my kids how my diet is going. I respond with I'm not on a diet, I am changing my lifestyle and I am loving it.

I now eat breakfast everyday...something that I haven't done for many years. I drink my 8 glasses of water daily and watch what I am eating. I eat balanced meals for lunch and supper as well as healthy snacks during the day. If I have a craving for something sweet sometimes I will give in and so for it. So far I have given in once, other times I chew a piece of gum usually fruit flavored, this way I am satisfying that sweet tooth and eliminating nearly all the calories except about 5 of them, it is as Win Win and the flavor lasts longer with the gum than if I had bought that chocolate bar or donut.

I am creating an exercise routine, one that I will like so I will be more likely to stick to it. Another key to my small success to date besides feeling so much better than I used to is I journal everything I eat, drink and now my exercises as well. When I work out not only do I journal what I do I use stickers on that days entries as a way to track and see that I am working out as well.

I have also read if you can visualize yourself now and what you want to look like you will be able to achieve it, but first you have to accept who you are NOW and that is one thing that I never did until recently. In my mind I was still like I was when I got married.....skinny and that is what I seen until I need to buy some clothes. So I always took my daughter with me and if she told me it looked really good then I would buy it as I decide if it really looked good or was my mind playing tricks on me. It also comes down to having to look in that mirror and decide hey I look good for who am today and I can be better tomorrow.

Another motivation that I have set up for myself is that every 2 weeks I have $40 deducted off my paycheck and deposited directly into another account with the Diamond North Credit Union a financial institution that I don't deal with other than to have this money deposited into to a savings account for a shopping spree for new clothes. One of my girlfriends & I are planning a girls weekend trip to Saskatoon for a Shopping and a Spa Day as our big reward for becoming out own "Biggest Losers". So how much I have to spend depends on how long it takes me to reach my goal weight and maintain it until May 2009, then I will go shopping. I figure by February I should be close to reaching my goal weight and maintain from there on and by May I will be ready for a new wardrobe just in time for summer.

I receive a newsletter from Losing it with Jillian Michaels, trainer - Biggest Looser . She has some great tips and information to use. Below is today's tip that I want to share with you.

Commit 100 Percent
To see results in any area of your life, you must be consistent and stay the course. This is also true for fitness, health, and weight loss. You've got to do your part to ensure you're getting the results you want. If you aren't consistent, then you'll always be playing catch-up, and you will make at best some gradual progress rather than getting your body in gear and maximizing results in no time.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


It seems that Spring is upon us more and more each day. My son Michael and I have noticed at the end of each work day how much snow either melted or evaporated during the day. We can tell by snow bank down our drive way especially which is smaller each day. The rain we had the other afternoon sure helped as is the nice temperatures we are having.

Each day I notice more Geese in the area, before we know it there will be little goslings following their mothers around. I find myself still thinking of planting a vegetable garden this year. For people that know me well are probably saying to themselves - WHAT - You're going to plant a garden, I'll believe it when I see it...hey I am saying the same things to myself.

Usually my idea of gardening is going to the farmers market or getting extras from those that have too much and want to give it away....not because I am cheap but because I have always hated the idea of having to weed the garden.....hate it I tell you. Love eating the fresh produce but weeding was not for me. This time I am thinking differently that is for sure. Yes even thinking that weeding might not be that bad, definitely not the most enjoyable job but will help me get more exercise and the rewards of the fresh produce will be worth it in the end.

I hope to be able to make some different relishes this year. I haven't done any serious canning since I lived in Flin Flon, MB. I guess I am thinking more this way because I am trying to change my lifestyle and that of my family so that we live a healthier lifestyle.

Friday, 11 April 2008


Well after nearly 17 years my old friend Robin and I have been in contact with each other. If you remember back to my posting back in August about going up to Lloydminster and hoping to catch up to my friend Robin.

Well I guess old age is starting to get to me as when Robin and I spoke the other night he said to me why were you looking for me in Lloydminster, you knew I had moved to Leduc..then the light bulb came on and my memory went Oh Ya....that's that is why I was unable to find phone listing in Lloyd for Robin.

As it happens Robin GOOGLED his name and found my blog...what caught his interest to read more was that it sounded so much like his he clicked on and realized that yes this person was talking about him. He showed his kids and they even said, "dad that sounds like you", he told them it is me. He sent me an email to my blog email address...well being so sick this winter and pre-occupied with my dad I rarely checked the email until the other first I thought it was spam but something told me to open it and check it out.

Well here it was my old friend Robin, who I had been thinking a lot about lately. Sometimes during the day he would just pop into my thoughts, wondering how he and his wife were doing and how many children did they have. I guess it might be that the last time something really bad happened in my family - the death of my grandfather in 1983 Robin was there for me. I don't know if he ever really knew how much he helped me through that time but he did and when my dad had the mild stroke and we weren't sure of what was happening my friend wasn't there to turn to. Yes I had my family and they were there for me through that time and are always there for me but sometimes you just need that person on the outside looking in to help you. I also have another wonderful friend that helped fill that void. Brenda has been there for me through many things and I know I can count on her any time.

I called Robin the other night and we had a good talk, it is nice to reconnect with old friends. Some we miss more than others. As our lives change and take on different paths sometimes we loose touch with our friends and family but it always great to re-connect.

I hope that my husband and I can catch up with Robin & Susan this summer, meet their kids and catch up over a beer or two.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

First Impressions

We've all made decisions based on first impressions and we've all had them made about us. Some people give a great first impression and others not so great or down right terrible.

Yesterday on my trip to Regina with co-workers for a meeting I was reading a book that I had for a number of years call "Chocolate for a Woman's Heart" which is very much like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books with stories from different contributors. So many of the ones that I read touched me in different ways but one struck a cord with was all about first impressions and how they can affect things in our lives.

I have to admit that I have come to one conclusion about someone and it wasn't a very positive one basing it on my first impression of the person. As fate would have it I was in a situation where I was around this person on a daily basis and before I knew we were the best of friends, so much that I was her maid of honor at her wedding. Had I let my first impression dictate to me how I would treat this person I would never have found the friend that I did.

Anyways as I read this story of how a young man judge this girl at their first meeting and said some very hurtful things to here causing her to drop out of University and return the same hometown he was from ended with them meeting up for a semi-blind date, he ended up marrying her. His mother told him just think if you hadn't budged from your first impression of her you would never have found your soul mate, the love of your life.

These words below spoke by this young mans mother have a message that we can all learn from.

"What you focus on determines what you miss."
Be careful, don't miss out on the best things in life by letting what you focus on determine what you might miss.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Letting Go! Again.........

Once again I am faced with the task of letting another one leave the nest....I don't think this will be that bad this time as it is again my son Michael.....In just over 2 weeks my son will be moving to Saskatoon. It was nice to have him back home with us, even though I new it would be for a short time when he returned from Lampman SK.

It is nice to see my son spread his wings and try new adventures. He has wanted out of Prince Albert since he graduated. This time he is going at it the right way.....waiting until he had a job to go to instead of going on the word of a friend that was only thinking of themselves. That is what he did when he went to Lampman. His friend told him oh don't worry...guaranteed you will have a job with good pay within 2 weeks max. RIGHT....didn't happen that way, it was nearly two months before Michael was able to secure a permanent job that was for more than 1 week and it was at 50 cents above minimum wage. It was a lesson learned and one that will never be forgot.

The nice thing is Saskatoon is only 1 hr 30 minutes away so we can always pop down for the day to see him or bring things to him and when he wants to come home for a weekend he won't be spending most of the weekend driving.

Now just to get the girls ready to leap out on their own.....well they need to graduate high school first and figure out what to do from there. So we sit and wait and wait.......and enjoy the time we have them home but look forward to when we have our lives back to ourselves, somewhat to ourselves at least. I have heard just because they leave home doesn't mean they are gone forever.

Home is always there if they need it.

Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm Back.....Here's an update

Well I am hoping to be back at my blog on a regular basis. I have missed posting on here daily and plan to get back at it.

I can truly say I will be glad to see winter gone and spring arrive. After the winter I have had it can't be over soon enough. My dad has kept me busy since his stroke in December. Christmas and New Years going as fast as they came. Then beginning of February I took sick and did I get sick...was close to praying for death just for some relief. I ended up battling a sever case of Bronchitis. 3 weeks I was off work and back for 2 that I probably should have stayed home but didn't, then another couple of weeks of feeling so so. I am glad to be back in the land of the living. My dad called me one day while I was sick and said you better get better as I need you and I don't know what I would have done with out you this winter. It was then that he actually realized how sick he had been. Now is getting better every day. He looks better than he has in a long time...even before his stroke. We are so thankful that he is recovering so well.

With the coming of spring and the changing of the seasons I figured it is time for change all around. So instead of starting that dreaded diet that always start fine and ends horribly I am venturing on a life style change. Changing my eating habits, exercise habits and such you know all the bad habits I have accumulated over the years. My dad's stroke opened my eyes to what could be in store for my health as I age if I don't change somethings so "Change" is what I am doing. Tomorrow is one week into my Life Style Change and I am feeling good about how I am doing. Hey I got into a pair of jeans that I haven't worn since 2004... Yippee.

My plan is to journal my daily eating habits, exercise habits and see where it takes me and start there. I have a way to go but I think I will make it this time. My mind is in the right place, I am reading labels as I buy groceries. The show Biggest Loser Couples was a big inspiration to me as well. My daughter and I watch it every week, I have learned a lot from the show and now ready to put some of that knowledge to work. I have 83 pounds to loose and I plan to loose it and keep it off. Yes I want to live to enjoy my grandchildren - when they arrive in the future the far future. I want to live a healthy lifestyle from here on and to do so I have to make changes. Many people know that I was the person that would prefer a Pepsi to a glass of I am drinking my 8 glasses of water a day and enjoy them. I have even enlisted a friend to join me on my journey and together we plan to melt away the is our own Biggest Loser Club.

I will post updates as I have them along with photos just so you can see my progress. It gives me one more thing to answer to, to account my weight loss or gain to. I haven't done my before photos yet but will post once I have them along with how it is going.