Blessings come in many shapes, sizes and forms.
In our bleakest hours, our blessings are ever present,
like a warm blanket to comfort us on a wet day.
Stay strong and hold tight to your blessings
and you will always,
always have something to be thankful for.....

The other day I got my inspiration for my blog post from a Facebook Group called "Quotes Of My Life".  The quote above was one that they posted on their page this morning.  This quote really stood out to me.  You could say it jumped out from the computer screen at me.  I started to think of the Blessings in my life.  I don't think one takes time enough to reflect on the blessings in our lives.  We get busy with work, children, elder care of parents, extra circular activities, our lives in general and  far too often it is like we take so many things for granted. 

Sometimes when we feel the most alone and lost is when a blessing is upon us but we just don't see it each time.  Blessings come in all shapes and forms, some big some little some in the form of a smile others a hug to just name a few. 

Have you ever had one of these days where you feel like you can't move forward that there is a cement block holding you back from what you are wanting to achieve and out of the blue someone does something that catches you completely off guard and give you that nudge you need to take the steps to move forward.  It could come from a complete stranger that is wanting to pass on a blessing that was bestowed upon know that Pay It Forward.  I don't frequent Tim Horton's very often the service at our 3 Tim Horton locations sucks most of the time.  But when the smile cookies are out I usually try to go through the drive through a few times to pick up a coffee and buy a smile cookie or two for the vehicle behind me.  This small gesture to brighten someone's day might just be the blessing they needed to boost them up. 

It can be a simple as smiling at the person walking down the street.  Holding the door open for someone or simply wishing someone Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Day, Good Evening or Good Night.  Any small gesture can make a difference in someone's life and be the blessing that they needed at that moment.

When you have the opportunity to be an angel in disguise to bestow a blessing upon someone you care about or a complete stranger, do it.  Don't loose that moment to make a difference in someone's day.  You never know when someone needs that gesture of caring to help them through the day.  You can make a difference in someone's life.  Even the smallest of gestures can be something big for someone.