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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Face Book

Facebook is fairly new on the internet. I remember reading about in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix back in either March or April. It was saying how FaceBook is becoming the hottest thing on the internet, for people to be able to share photos, send messages and connect with old friends. So after a couple of invites from friends to join, I did. Membership is free. I haven't figured out yet to tell if your friends are on line yet, but I am having fun sending fun things to my friends that I have connected with.

What kinds of fun things do I send......well that depends on what applications you have added to your FaceBook profile. I have sent my friends a drink, fish for their aquarium, draw on their graffiti wall, tickle them, poke them, send flowers to their garden, bit them and turn them into a vampire, zombie or werewolf. You can take a movie challenge and if your friends take the same test it will compare your movie reviews with each other. You can have your horoscope posted daily. You can post what Causes you support, Awareness Ribbons and more. The nice thing is these applications don't take up hard drive space on your computer, they are all on FaceBook's web space.

You can search for people by searching the Networks that are available, my your high school or post secondary school. You can invite anyone in your address book to join as well.

To check out FaceBook go to create an account and you are on your way.

See you there..........

Friday, 27 July 2007

Ride On! Girls Ride On!

Today it happened......Brittany and Meagan got their first car.....2007 Pontiac G5, Back - 2 Door. Nice looking car! It is nice that the pressure is off my car for all the travelling, between the girls and my going back and forth to work there were days my car was making 3 or 4 trips to town......

Now some may think we are crazy letting two teenage girls share a car....before you say anything.....they had to sign an iron clad contract before any deal was made on the car....which they have read through, agreed to the terms and signed. They are both at the age where they need to be mature and work together......we feel this is going to be a real test for them and an excellent experience.

The girls are so happy........hey who wouldn't be when they get a new car........ The best thing is they are also learning responsibilities as they are helping pay for the car as well.

For us this is a win win......the girls are happy and so are we.......

Ride On Girls Ride On.............

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Stay Off the Roads.......

It's now youngest now has her drivers licence. Meagan has discovered the new found freedom of having a drivers licence. Not only is it a new found freedom for her but also for her dad and I.

The day before her road test I took Meagan to practice her parallel parking......last time she had done that was when she took Drivers Education. She had never parallel parked my car before.....she did awesome....I even had Meagan practice parallel parking on the drivers Central Avenue being the only One Way Street in PA they may have her do her parallel park on drivers side. She lucked out didn't have to do a drivers side parallel park

With both my girls driving I will never see my car........they are always finding a way to get the car....but mom this way you won't have to come to town and pick me up after work.....Please just for today Please......

So beware there is a new driver on the road......get off the roads while you can..... hehehehe

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My Daughter the Farm Girl........

Yesterday evening my daughter Brittany got a taste of what it is like to be a farm girl. While were over at my cousin Brenda's house she was able to experience a bit of the farm life.

For the first time Brittany petted a calf...."Kicker Dicker"....he walked up to Brittany, let her pet him and that was it, it was love at first sight.....Kicker Dicker followed her all the way to the house and even into the garage, wanting more affection. After supper, Brenda made up Kicker Dicker's bottle and Brittany bottle fed him his supper. She really enjoyed it.....and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch the event on film.....

Then Brenda had Brittany dive right into the life of a farm girl by helping out with a couple of chores that come with raising livestock. She helped Brenda chase a cow into the shutte so they could vaccinate it for Foot Root.......Brenda gave the first shot then showed Brittany how to give the next one. Brittany got as far as getting the needle into the cow which she said they sure have a tough hide, when the cow flipped her head around. Brenda had Brittany back up so she didn't get hurt and finished giving the needle.

After they put the cow back to pasture they brought "Ben" the Lama out of the barn as he had tangled himself up with some chicken wire. Brittany and Brenda de-tangled Ben and Brittany led Ben back to his corral and gave him his freedom.
As you can see from the photos I posted, Brittany enjoyed her time helping Brenda with the farm animals. She especially enjoyed the opportunity to fee Kicker Dicker........ An experience that Brittany will cherish for a life time and would like to help out again sometime.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

When you least expect someone

Today was the first time in a while that I had the opportunity to sleep in.....okay my kids don't call it sleeping in but for me not getting up until 11am is sleeping in. After doing some house work I settled into to watch "Grumpier Old Men".

Wouldn't you know right after the burial scene when they spread Pop's ashes in the lake, I am crying....I hate these scenes always make me reflect on my loved ones and then I cry even harder....even when I know what is going to happen in the movie the water works still start every time. I hear a vehicle pull up, thinking the only person I am expecting is my dad and that sure doesn't sound like his car....I look out the door and there is my cousin Dwayne from Sylvania and who I thought was his son at first but turned out to a friend of Brooke's, Bo.

Dwayne and Bo stopped by for a visit on their way home from Brooke's stag know where men are men and they do what they can't get away with at home.......throw caution to the wind and forget about what time it is and just have a good time.....bonding and drinking and some fishing too. The group of them rented a house boat at LaRonge for 4 days ......the fishing wasn't that great but they had a good time and helped Brooke say good bye to his bachelor days...not that Brooke is old my any means but none the less a bachelor.

It was really nice to visit with Dwayne this afternoon and as always I enjoy the time we spend together.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Lazy Days of Summer

The Lazy Days of Summer is a saying that I remember my grandparents saying when I was little.....I think I finally understand what they meant when they would say was always on really hot days, days when it was too hot to do anything but sit in the shade and wait for it too cool off........

We have been having days like this over the past is funny we are never satisfied, in the dead of winter when it the mercury hits below -25 C we wish for warmer weather like summer time and in summer we want cooler weather......Living in northern Saskatchewan our hot days are out numbers greatly by the cold days it seams....or is that the hot days go by so fast.....not every day in winter is so cold that nothing wants to start just like in summer not every day is that hot but when it is we sure feel it........ Here it is half way through July already, before we know it we are going to be wondering where summer went and preparing for winter.

I understand why people in the hotter countries had Siesta time every is just to darn hot to do anything else.......

I take holidays in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to spending time at the lake with my husband. We are planning on spending time with our friends at their cabin at Nemembien Lake.....we are going to help them side their cabin.....Siding in the early morning when it is cool......relaxing in the lake for the afternoon....some more siding and then some fishing..... Sounds like a nice way to spend some time.....and help out our friends.

Yes the "Lazy days of Summer" are here, but only for a short while....Hope you enjoy them while we have them.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Watercolor Painting.........

I have decided to take the step to learn how to paint with watercolors. The last time I remember painting in watercolors was when I was a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old. I have been fascinated with watercolor paintings for sometime. I figure a person is never too old to learn something new and if I don't start now who knows when I will start......

I am reading a book "Easy Watercolor" that I received about 4 years ago that I flipped through the pages of then and put it back on my bookshelf. So I dusted off the covers and started reading. I am also reading on line anything I can to better familiarize myself with the world of watercolor painting. There is so much to learn........ I am hoping that I will be able to take class this fall or winter...

In every painting there is a story waiting to be told........the artist will have one story........and a viewer will have another story of their own that they have found in the painting. The powers held within a painting is amazing.

My first pieces that I am doing on my own are mainly going to be experimenting with techniques and methods for watercolor painting.

When I have a finished piece to show off I will post a picture of on my blog most likely after I take my first class......until then wish me luck with my painting......

Monday, 16 July 2007

Sunday Drive

My husband and I drove down to Yellow Creek, Sunday afternoon to check out the crops and just get away. There some crops that are late and some that are head but all in all they look pretty good. Ours crop of Canola is a bit late, just starting to bloom.....

While we were there we stopped by the Hazel Lake Cemetery. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get pictures of the headstones of Al's family for my genealogy files. We spent time walking around as there are many of Al's relatives buried at the Hazel Lake Cemetery. I was able to get photos of the headstones before the batteries in the camera died. The headstones of my mother and father in-law look really nice with the Potentilla growing behind the headstones.

After we stopped at the other cemetery where Al's maternal grandparents are buried. The last time we were at that cemetery was when we buried his Baba Twardy in 1998 I do believe, will have to check the date on that. I was able to get photos of both his Baba & Gedo's headstones as the batteries died for good this time.

We enjoyed our drive down time we hope to stop by the farm yard where Al grew up and see if we can find any interesting treasures.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Moving On Down To Southern Saskatchewan

As I think of my son moving to a new hometown....The Jefferson's theme song starts playing in my mind.....Movin' On Up To the East side......only difference is Movin' on down south.....

Letting go for me isn't that hard when it comes to my son moving to Lampman......he has moved out and back in and moved out and back again, so this time it isn't that hard to watch my son pack his belongings and prepare to start a new chapter in the book of Life. I think when something feels this right for your child to do it makes it easier on us "Moms" to let go.

My son and my dad returned from their excursion to Lampman SK yesterday afternoon. It did my heart good to hear my son tell me about how excited he is to move there. He told me it really feels like home down there and how much he likes it......he was glad to see that they have trees there as well. He couldn't say enough good things about his one night in Lampman. He said everyone is so friendly and everyone knows everyone. The population of Lampman is 650. The town was named for Archibald Lampman, poet.

I am confident that my son is doing the right thing by moving out on his own to a new place that he is excited about. He is talking about buying a house once he gets settled into a job. We have offered our services to help fix it once he purchase it. He has his eye on a couple of properties there.

He is already talking about wanting us to have Christmas down at his place in Lampman, we'll have to see what happens come Christmas.

My husband and I are both looking forward to our first visit to our son in his new hometown of Lampman.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Letting Go.....

There comes a time when parents have to let go of their children, we can't hold onto them forever. They need to be able to start their lives and learn from the mistakes they make as they start out on their own. To start making their own living and preparing for their future. For some parents this is harder than for others.

My son Michael is taking the step to venture out on his own, once again but this time is different. He is moving to Lampman SK, about 20 minutes north east of Estevan. I am very proud of Michael for taking this step in life......for some this will be one of the hardest steps they take, for others this step is the first of many more to come. The furthest Michael has lived away from home is Candle Lake about a 45 minute drive from our house. Now he is going to be a 5 - 6 hour drive away. His best friend lives in Lampman, they will be room mates until Michael gets himself settled into a job and can find a place of his own. This is a big comfort to me for Michael to have such a good friend there as well.

I am not sad that my oldest and only son is stepping out on his own into the world to start a new chapter in his life.....I am very happy for Michael and extremely proud of him. I will miss having him around close by where I can pop in to see him, take him for lunch or just spend time with him. Michael has always been there with a hug and "I Love You Mom". Now there will be more time between the hugs but the I Love You's will be there with each phone call and text message. Thank you SaskTel for long distance bundles, with free evenings and weekends it will be easy to talk to Michael just about any old time. Michael is moving to the most southern part of the province......almost into the USA....he will be about 30 miles from the border.

So for me letting go will be okay.......I still have my two girls at home to keep me going...... I will miss Michael and there will be days that I wish he was home but I know we are only a visit, phone call or text message away. So no empty nest just yet.

This is a good thing.....Michael moving out into the world on his own. I couldn't be happier or more proud of him than I am right now..........I know he will be alright and the he will make it on his own, after all he is my son.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Quality Time......With Those We Care About

Spending times with our friends and extended family sometimes seem difficult. We are too busy, not enough time in a day to do the things we'd like to. We all have excuses or reasons however you want to look at it. It comes down to we just have to make the time to spend the time with our friends & extended family. Make the time to spend with those you care'll be glad you did.

Yesterday my girls and I spent the afternoon with my cousin and her son at their place. We spent most of our time in the pool having a blast.......when you first get into the pool it was cool but once you got into the water was nice. Before I knew it water guns were being filled and water was squirting everywhere! The water was flying around like crazy......we were emptying those water guns faster than we could fill them......then Brenda and Meagan started with empty coffee cans. At the rate the two of them were throwing water back and forth it wouldn't have taken them long to lower the water level on the pool. I am sure the neighbors a mile away could hear our laughter.

Wesley had a blast squirting all of us........his aim is really good.....shot me in the forehead at close range. Brittany was our photographer as she wanted to catch some sun rays instead of water droplets. Although Wesley and Brenda couldn't leave Brittany out in the water fight, they made certain that she was squirted a few times just for the fun of it.

Shortly after getting out the pool Meagan and Brittany headed into town, as Meagan had to work and Brittany was going to the movies with a friend. Brenda and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together.

After supper Wesley and I bottle fed "Kicker Dicker" - a calf that has no mother. I haven't bottle fed a calf in probably 30 years..... "Alphi" was the last calf I had bottle fed......that little guy had a crooked nose and missing teeth, he was bottle fed from birth. He was a family pet in many ways.....we bottle fed him twice a day, when he seen me heading towards him with bottle in hand he would come grandma named him "Alphi" after all his first bottle was made with Alpha canned milk and water....that was all we had on hand until the next day when my uncle was able to purchase some supplement from the feed store. One day "Alphi" was loaded up into the truck and taken to town.....we (my cousins and I) all thought that "Alphi" was going to get his nose straightened. We were fine with Brenda and I were saying we never asked why "Alphi" didn't come home after he had his nose straightened.......we know now that "Alphi" did come home just not in the same form as when he left......

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Fun In The Sun

The cooler temperatures of the lake didn't stop my daughter from getting out on the tube and the water skis.

With a new tube that is more like a knee board with a tub around the front and sides.......they had a blast. There are fins on the back so you have some control over the steering of the tube. No matter how how my husband tried to whip them over the wake to dump the kids they stayed on for the ride. Meagan even tried to dump herself off the tube and found it very difficult.

This photo of Meagan on the tube is taken with a Canon DVD Mini Camcorder..... a nice clear photo for moving at close to top speed. Meagan looks so relaxed sitting in the tube motoring around the lake.

Meagan hadn't been on water skis for two years and first try she was up. She did really good until she tried dropping a ski......then it was wipe out time. The only picture I had of Meagan on skis was taken as we hit the wake of another boat just before she wiped out and the picture turned out really blurry.

We came home with sun burns and memories of a great time at the lake........along with some good photos and video footage.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Deadliest Catch

With the Canada Day weekend behind us, I have found a few moments to write.

Saturday June 30, 2007 along with my husband Al, my daughter Meagan and dog Rocco we headed to Nemeiben Lake to spend the weekend with Jack & Brenda at their cabin. The weather was drizzly and dull. Upon arrival at the dock we are met by Jack & Brenda who tell us of the wind storm that came through that morning. The water was rough crossing to their cabin but we all arrived with gear in tow safe & sound.

3 Brave souls Jack, Al and myself decide to venture out onto the water for an afternoon of fishing......if that is what you could call was more like survival of the fittest and the lake wasn't taking me down. If you have ever watched the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel you would gain a new appreciate for these men that brave the Bearing Sea in pursuit of King Crab after experiencing a rough day on Nemeiben Lake. What we experienced wasn't that dangerous but dangerous enough. The best part of our time spent on the rough waters of Nemeiben Lake was the fish that we caught....we threw a few back to the depths of the lake so they could grow some more before we venture back to try and catch them. After sitting for a while I thought I would stand and let my legs stretch out....that didn't last big wave a couple feet high and I decided that it was much safer to sit and fish than chance swimming with the fish. Even with the drift sock down we moved around about 1.5 miles per hour......

With the weather not cooperating we managed to catch 4 fish to feed 8 of us supper.....anyone that would of seen the three of out there would think we were crazy.........crazy for fish. We experienced our own version of the Deadliest Catch that afternoon.