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Sunday, 22 August 2010

FolkFest 2010

After working at the canteen for the Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race, Al and I headed off to Saskatoon to find a bed for our daughter so that she didn't have to sleep on the love seat another night.  So off to JYSK we went to check out they had that would be suitable.  Needless to say she found a really nice daybed that she liked, so day bed frame, mattress, memory foam topper (I think what she was most excited for), a couple of sheet sets, clothes hamper and some towels we headed back to her suite.  Amazingly everything fit in the back of the Santa Fe, we even had enough room to add a case of beer.

Once Meagan and Al got her bed set up along with her roommate and a friend we headed for Folk Fest.  In 5 hours we went around the world with stops in Australia/New Zealand, Norway, Greece and the Caribbean.  We tried some amazing food and some different types of alcohol from these countries.  We seen some amazing talent at these pavilions.

Australia had some talented people showing their ways with the they sure can make those whips snap.  We didn't sample any food here and they only had wine from Australia so I passed on the drinks here...everyone else had a local beer.

Norway had some amazing foods to sample....I was all pumped up to try Lutfisk (this is Cod Fish cured in Lye).  My dad told me how my Grandma & Grandpa Sharpen used to make at Christmas.   Now I can't spell the Norwegian names let alone remember what each was but oh it was very yummy....especially the Rommegot that is served with melted butter and brown sugar....Almond Kringle was very tasty.  I was hoping to get a Norwegian cookbook in English but they were all sold out.

Greece has some amazing Greek Dancers and awesome food as well.  The Pita Bread that was freshly baked......oh was it ever tasty...puts the stuff you buy in the store to shame.  Pita bread with Pork Slovakia, Tzatziki Sauce, Onions and Tomatoes was so good.  Topped everything off with a shot of Ouzo...OPA

We headed for the Ukrainian Pavilion but the line up was at least an hour long to get in. So off to our next destination - the Caribbean!  Oh was so colorful and the music was awesome and oh the entertainment was the best we seen all night.  The Steel Band from Saskatoon played a few songs..very felt like we were in Jamaica.  I have to tell you the Jamaica Me Crazy drink was fabulous - Tia Mia, Jamaican Rum and Pineapple Juice.  The entertainment highlight was Prince Niah - The Fire Eater, wow he was amazing.  He ended his show eating his last baton of fire like it was cotton candy.  It was HOT! HOT! HOT!

We are already planning to attend next FolkFest next year...but we are going to go for two nights so we can make our trip around the world even more enjoyable.  Nice thing is; we can visit all these different countries, taste their cuisine and enjoy the entertainment without leaving Canada.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Smoke Filled Skies

This morning as I was letting the dogs outside for their morning ritual, I was getting my first real glimpse of the day.  As I look out I notice the rising sun is "Orange" and I mean "Deep Bright Orange" I haven't seen the sun that orange since I lived in Flin Flon Manitoba in the Summer of '89 when we had bad fires in the area.  Upon opening the door all I can smell is smoke.  First thought is what close by place is on fire.  The ironic thing is it looked bitterly cold out like a late fall morning, but when I stepped outside the temperature was much warmer than I expected.

Listening to the morning news on the radio they say Saskatchewan is covered with a blanket of smoke coming from Williams Lake, British Columbia.  They figure the smoke should clear off by this evening....hope so as the air quality here in Prince Albert is considered very poor today and will not be good for those with Asthma and other breathing problems. 

The smoke is so thick that you would think we are about to get a down pour of actually looks quite cool and damp outside.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Waters of Life

Why is it when the waters in life seem calm and smooth sailing a huge swell has to come up and ruin it.  Aaahhhhh! Can you hear that big sigh?  I guess a person shouldn't get too comfortable when everything is calm and the old saying goes "the calm before the storm".  Just wish the storms would stay away!  I have to trust in the Lord that he will guide me through the troubled waters and arm me with the right things to say and do a the right times, as I truly believe that he never throws more in our paths than we can handle even though sometimes I wonder about that...but the waters tend to calm after a bit.

If I only had a magic wand that I could wave over my children to keep them safe and protected all the time.  It is so hard to sit back and let them have the control they need over their lives now that they are adults.  If only I could take care of things, but alas I have to let them grow and learn from the lessons that are thrown in their paths as they travel down life's road.  I know I did the best to arm them with the knowledge and common sense to do what is right and be there for them when they come looking for a shoulder to cry on or for that "Mom Hug".

I will have to wait this storm out and watch from the sidelines as my daughter travels this path she is on and be there when she asks for advice or help or just a hug.  aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Old Friends

A couple of years ago an dear friend of mine Nancy from Jr High School made contact with me via Facebook.  Since then we have been chatting back and forth via private messages.  Well Nancy was out visiting her family this week and on Tuesday we met up for lunch.  Nancy hasn't changed a bit from school and she tells me I haven't changed either.  The last time Nancy and I seen each other was the day Al and I married.  Nancy did a reading at our wedding, well 22 years later we met for lunch.  It was wonderful to spend time with a very dear friend.  It felt like we hadn't been apart all these years.  At one time Nancy and I were inseparable but we both went to different high schools and did our best to keep in contact but sooner or later the new friends you make in high school become the ones you spend your time with more and more.  I remember Valentines in Grad 10 I opened my locker to find this huge and I mean huge Valentines Card....well it was from Nancy....she came down to the school and slipped the card into my locker without ripping it.....since then there has only been one Valentines that has been as memorable that is when my husband mailed a card from Love Saskatchewan.  Love uses a special Valentines cancellation for letters mailed from their post office on Valentines.  My only wish is that I would have had more time than my lunch hour to spend with Nancy but we did get lots of catching up in during that time.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


On our houseboat trip we all brought along some fireworks.  We had enough fireworks to set some off on both Friday and Saturday night.  My main goal besides enjoying the fireworks was to capture them on the camera.


These were two of the best shots that I got as well as two of the best fireworks we have ever bought!  Both nights we had an awesome show of fireworks for store bought!

Monday, 16 August 2010

House Boat Trip

My family along with our friend's Danny & Sandra and their family set sail for a weekend on Tobin Lake in a 12 man houseboat from AURORA HOUSEBOATS in Nipawin.

Friday afternoon at the beach.

Sunday morning back at the same beach.  The fog was so thick it hung around till close to noon.

This houseboat has 4 private bedrooms, 8 person hot tub in the middle of the top deck and slide off the back from the upper deck into the water.  I started the weekend out not feeling well....I actually wanted to go home on Friday morning as I only wanted to crawl into bed and be by myself till what ever it was I had passed...well my hubby wouldn't hear of it.  My kids kept trying to get me to have a good time.... The kids had a blast on the slide and jumping off the top rail into the water.....and enjoying the hot tub at their leisure.
Group shot of the six jumpers going over board.....they had a was fun watching them jumping into the lake.  There were many jumps made through out the weekend.




Wetting down the slide!!


Meagan's First Jump off the rails!

My 3 Kids + 1

and the +1

These kids are already to go again next year, if they had their way!  I said nope next year I am going on a longer vacation than a weekend.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog Hop

Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings (RRR) having a blog hop!  Click HERE to go RRR to find out all the details about the blog sure to check out each of the blogs of those participating as there are some awesome prizes to be won.  A winner will be picked for their Grand Prize on Monday August 16th in the morning.  There are a lot of amazing cards to see and a wonderful showcase of talent.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Scrappin-n-Chattin Blog Hop!!

If you enjoy seeing the talents of many paper artists either in the form of scrapbook page layouts or cards be sure to check out the Scrappin-n-Chattin Blog Hop!! 

To start the blog hop head over to the talented Abby's blog by clicking HERE.  There are prizes on each of the blogs involved in the hop as well as a you can enter to win a fabulous prize after viewing each blog.  All the details about the blog on Abby's page so check it out and see how  you can get involved in the fun and prizes.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This morning as I am getting ready for work my two little house dogs let me know that they need to go outside....I was really surprised that Lucy wanted back out as she had just been out.  Anyways I notice that Rocco's bark is different almost protective toned and Lucy whose bark is very quiet can be heard along with Milo's.  With a quick look out the window and notice that Milo and Lucy are chasing after something black that waddles as it runs...Oh! No! it's a I yell out the window to grab their attention but of course it was already too late to save them from the spray!  Rocco thankfully didn't get it as he was on his rope and only has about 50 feet of free reign before he is halted.  Not long after that I am running around closing windows as the odor is creeping its ways into my house.  Now I am faced what am I to do with Lucy today while I am work as she never stays outside any longer than needed to do her business and then she is back in the house, so I decide I will put her on Rocco's line for the day...she will have access to food and water, and shelter from the sun and or rain. So I open the door and that little thing darts in between my legs....oh boy I am thinking.  When I finally catch up to her I take a good smell and nothing but wet dog --- oh what a lovely smell that is too, but I will take that over the skunk odor any day!  Lucy was saved my the lack of ode de skunk you could say!  I guess her little legs were just too little to get her into the line of fire when Milo got the bast of perfume from our little black and white visitor. 

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Magnolia Summer 2010 Kit Candy

The talented Jodi is offering up to each of the 2 lucky winners a Magnolia Summer Kit.  If you haven't seen this kit it is a must see if you love Magnolia's Tilda and Edwin.  Head on over to Inked Inspirations to find out how you could be one the 2 lucky winners on August 31, 2010, click HERE to check out how.  My fingers and toes are crossed as I am wishing I had ordered these stamps. Here is a picture of what you have a chance to win.