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Friday, 29 October 2010

Dress Up Friday

With today being the last business day before Halloween, a few of us brave souls decided to partake in the fun of dressing up for Halloween.  We have a witch, a hippie chick, a girl from the 50's saddle shoes and all....I am a pirate and a bountiful one at that - all the jewels I am wearing.  As you seen in my post from the other day the Coffin Treat Box Cards I had made.....well I decided to keep the purple one for myself and give the other 3 to staff members that dressed up whose costumes I really liked.  So this morning I picked the 3 others that were dressed up from the start of the day and gave them their Spook-tacular Coffin Treat Boxes filled with booty from pillaging the local Super Store (I actually paid for the items).  They were all surprised and please with their little gift, then I proceeded to make my way around the office with a cauldron filled with more booty to share with the staff that came as themselves.  Stay tuned for pictures from the day later this weekend or early next week.

Have a Ghoulish Goblin Day!


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Coffin Treat Box Cards

While I was browsing through my fall Magnolia Ink magazine I seen a picture of the cutest treat box in the shape of  an old fashioned coffin.  I was intrigued right away and new I wanted to try making one.  So GOOGLE being my favorite search engine I started searching.  Lucky me!  I didn't have to search for long.....Martha Stewart to my rescue (isn't she great).  My mind started swirling with ideas for these Ghoulish treat boxes and Dracula Edwin from the Magnolia collection available from Diana's store Magnolia-licious.  He isn't in stock right now but if you contact Diana and let her know you are interested in ordering him she will do her best to get him for you.   If you would like to try making these ghoulish coffin treat boxes your self click HERE to go to Martha Stewart's site.  The one change I made to my treat boxes is that I lined only the tops and bottoms of the coffin not the sides.  They are really easy to make.

This is going to be a bit of a long post so grab a cup of Java and Enjoy!

Now a look at each one individually

Side Profile

Inside look at both bottom and lid of Coffin

Dracula Edwin is colored with Copic Markers, sorry I forgot to write down the colors I used.  The flowers I used were from Hydrangea's that I picked up on sale at JYSK and the roses were a sale find at Michael's last month. All the flowers are sprayed with Pearl Glimmer Mist.  Bat stickers are from Martha Stewart.  All other embellishments are from my stash.

Don't you love duel purpose a treat box and card in one.  Now to get some treats to fill the Coffins up.  I do like them all but the purple one is my favorite.  Would love to know what you think.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Living Room

When I arrived home after work on Tuesday, my hubby is busy painting the hallway doors.  First coats on the walls in the hallways and living room....WOW does it ever look nice.  Al did a wonderful job painting even tho he hates painting.  Today he hopes to get the second coat of paint on the walls and doors and maybe the first coat on the feature walls. 

On my next trip to Saskatoon I need to hit Home Depot as I found the Shears for my living room there.  The hunt is on for my drapes, lamps and bar light for the living room.  We are also looking for coffee table and end tables as well as an area rug. 

We have made a lot of changes to our house since May....and once we get our over the range microwave in I will have finished pictures of my kitchen. 

It is looking like a completely different house both inside and outside.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

More Halloween

Soon the all Hallowed's Eve will be upon us.  The night where witches and ghosts fly about, monsters and vampires lurk in the night, animals scurry about.  Maybe if you are watching closely you will see a witch or two flying through the night sky on their broomsticks.

My office space is decorated with spiders, ghosts, witches, skulls and jack-o-lanterns.  It looks rather nifty if you ask me.  This past weekend I spent some time cutting out casket treat boxes from black cardstock and coloring Halloween stamped images.  Still have to cut out the liner for the caskets top and bottoms and do a bit of decorating on outside top then they will be ready for a few treats to give to a couple of special people.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Arm Chair Coaching

Yesterday afternoon Al and I went over to a friends place to watch the football game with them.  Calgary Stampeders vs Saskatchewan Roughriders in the battle to take first place in the CFL West Division.   The game started out good with the Roughriders taking an early point lead......then it all went to pot in the 3rd Quarter and we lost out in the end 36 to 24 for Calgary.  One of the highlights of the game was that Getzlaf played his best game of this year with five catches for 201 yards and two touchdowns. We are proud of our team and our players even though there are times we wonder what on earth they are thinking.  We'll be wearing our green and white next week with pride and cheering all the way.

My view on what could be improved....get Cates to stop going up the middle each time into the waiting opponents to stop him in is attempt to gain some yards and change it up by going into the clearing.  He has become far to predicable in his moves and all the opposing teams know what he is going to do.  Special Teams need to pick it up too....maybe it is time for a new special teams coordinator, well we think so but the powers that be seem to like things the way they are.  Yes we all like to be Arm Chair Coaches....but I don't think it is an easy job by any means.  We all have our opinions on how things should be.

I am no expert when it comes to football but I do enjoy the game.  Not that I am glad we lost our second straight game at home but it is one we could afford to loose.  We're still in good standing to finish 2nd in the West and battle it out with Calgary once again for the right to represent the West in the 2010 Grey Cup in November.  Now that is the game we can't afford to loose.  We are all hoping they will get it together by Saturday when the meet up with the Edmonton Eskimos and again when these two rivals meet on Nov 6 at home. Then we are into the Semi Finals and Finals...and then the much awaited Grey Cup on November 28th.



Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and friends.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with loved ones and lots of turkey.

We had our Thanksgiving supper on Sunday evening.  The kids were home.....a good time was had by the family.  We had our first family supper in  our new dining all I need is the dinning room table and day soon.

I have so many things to be thankful for...first and foremost is my loving husband, Al and my 3 children, Michael, Brittany and Meagan and our 2 furbabies, Rocco and Lucy.  My family and friends make my life full, I am blessed to have wonderful relatives and wonderful friends.  My health is good.  I have a job that pays the bills and I like for the most part - I still miss my job with Human Resources as an Employee Administrator but moving to Regina just wasn't an option for me and Al.  There are so many things that I am thankful for that there are too many to list but the one I can't forget to give thanks to is God.  For with out the love and guidence from our Lord God I think I would be lost.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Thursday, 7 October 2010


Wow what a way to take my day from bad to good.  My new email/stamping buddy Caroline pops me a quick email to Congratulate me on my blog candy win.  I have never won any blog candy before and I have entered lots knowing my time will come.  I am thrilled to have won the blog candy offered by Jacque and I don't have any of these items but have some of these things on my wish list. 

Here is what I won!

1 Martha Stewart French Scroll Punch Around the Page Set (New Release)
1 Magnolia Prom Queen Stamp
1 Belles 'n Whistles Little Eden Stamp
1 FlowerSoft Best Fishes Stamp Set
1 Set of Orange Essentials Ribbon
5 bunches of Mulberry Flowers


Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I do think I have been bitten by the Halloween bug and it seems I am contagious as well.  Today myself and a couple of co-workers headed off to Dollar-Rama on a mission to pick a couple more of the Jack-O-Lantern tealight Candle Holders I have....well of course I couldn't leave the store without picking up a few more things for the was skulls, black roses, a black lantern, a really ugly witch that cackles - oh she is cute, a hand that hangs out of the filing cabinet drawer and a couple of scrapbook pages.  The other girls picked up some items to decorate their areas with as well.  I heading back to Dollar-Rama again tomorrow as after making a couple of  changes in my work area there a couple more things I want to add then I should be good this year... Even picked up what looks like a cast iron witches pot for candies on the last day of work before Halloween.

Not sure where this getting into Halloween has come we were saying that it might have to do with not having to worry about getting stuff together for the kids...less stress might have something to do with it.

My costume is coming together as well.....definitely in the spirit for Halloween this year!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bar Hoping

Yesterday Al and I headed off to Saskatoon to get new tires put on our daughter's car after they were slashed last weekend.  Four phone calls later we found a place that had the tires in stock and were able to put them on the rims as well.  One place we called didn't have them in stock, the the other 2 had them in stock but couldn't even entertain the idea of trying to get them on the rims till maybe Monday so A-1 Tire to the rescue.  They were fast hubby was gone maybe 1 hour by the time he was back to put them on the car.  Meagan and I spent some time together watching "Dear John"  good movie while keeping an eye on the football game Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Toronto Argonaughts we left the house it was tie game 10 to 10. 

Once the tires were one we decided to head out somewhere we could have a bite to eat, a drink and watch the off to the Hose we went.  It is bar in an old fire station, very neat place.  So after something to eat and a drink I decided to head off to Michael's to see what I could find.  The only way I get to this store is if I go by myself....hubby and the kids don't like going there.  So I leave Al and Meagan at the Hose thinking they are heading home as soon as they are finished their drinks.  Well Meagan runs home picks up her skates so she can take them to get sharpened.....while they are waiting for her skates...they hit a couple of the local establishments on Broadway for a drink.  Meagan and Al had a wonderful afternoon together as did I at Michaels.  I actually beat them back to Meagan's place.  As I was going to dig out her spare key I could hear people walking up the sidewalk and figured I bet that is them....sure enough they came around the corner laughing and chatting. 

Oh ya the Saskatchewan Roughriders won the football game.....YEAH!!!


Friday, 1 October 2010

Autumn Is Upon Us

Well according to the calendar we are into Autumn, but the last few days have felt more like early summer than autumn.  We didn't have much of a summer this year if you can call what we had summer.  It is like we are the area that Summer forgot.  The weather has been a blessing to the farmers, many are now able to get out and harvest what is left of their crops....some were able to seed this spring, some not so lucky....and those that did get seeded some drowned in all the rain and some survived the wet cool growing season. 

This morning waking up it just felt more like Autumn to me, maybe it is because today is Oct 1st.  Next week will be Thanksgiving.  My kids will all be home for supper on Sunday and Meagan and Michael will be home for the weekend.  Turkey is in the freezer....need to bake some pies this week - pumpkin and apple, pick up a turnip (can't have Thanksgiving supper with out turnips) and all the other fixings needed.  Maybe I will even have a dinning room table for our feast....we'll see what we find this weekend...if not our old kitchen table will suffice.

Thanksgiving weekend will be busy...with the kids coming home, attending a wedding on Saturday, cooking a big supper on Sunday and relaxing on Monday.