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Monday, 4 January 2010

Catching Up!

Happy New Year to Everyone! May 2010 bring you lots of joy, happiness and love of family and friends.

I ended up very ill in November, not sure but think I may have had a mild case of H1N1. Didn't have the strength to go sit at the doctor's office and besides they aren't testing you unless you need hospitalizing. It did kick the wind out of me that is for sure. I wouldn't wish what I had on my worst enemy. I hope I never get this sick again, mind you I think I have said that before.

Christmas arrived way to fast this year. I think the lack of snow in December and the frigidly cold temperatures that we usually get in January threw things off. We had more snow at Thanksgiving that we did in December. Still we don't have enough snow to really do any amount of snowmobiling other than up and down the road. The ditches and fields are too rough.

New Years found us ringing in the New Year with friends in Flin Flon. It is always nice to go home for a visit. Spent a few days with my sister of the heart which is always good for my soul.

New Years Day Kim and I drove around town so I could take a few pictures. I am having problems posting a couple of pictures. Will have to try again tomorrow.