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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wesmore Graduation 2010

Yesterday the grade 12 class from Wesmor Community High School celebrated their Graduation.  My daughter's boyfriend Ron was one of the Graduates.  I met up with Brittany and Ron after work to take some pictures of the two of them together.  I had a blast with them taking pictures.

Prince Albert Train Bridge

I really like how the black of the bridge and white sky complement Brittany and Ron's outfits.  
Don't they make a beautiful couple.

Little Red River Park

This is my favorite picture of Brittany and Ron~

Walkin' Away!

The white roses that they chose for their corsage and boutonniere added the perfect touch to their outfits.

I had a wonderful time with Brittany and Ron.  I also got to meet Ron's family for the first time last night at the Grand March!  His grandma is a sweet lady that I look forward to getting to know better.  His mom, sister  and brother came down from La Ronge to celebrate with Ron.  He has a wonderful family and they all seem to really like Brittany.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet his family and look forward to getting to know them all better in the future.

Ron requested one last photo, that was of him and Brittany and their mom's
and one of him and Brittany and their sisters.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Things Are Coming Together

Things are really coming together.  We will be ready for painting by July 1st.  Al framed in the Air Exchange for the wall vent, hung the gyprock, taped and got the first layer of mud on so it is ready for the drywaller that will be coming in to finish.  He has very little mudding left to do, mainly sanding.

July 1 & 2nd we are moving Brittany into her new house that she is renting...she is so excited to be living on her own.  July 3rd we head to S'toon for the day to check out the basement suite we have a line on for Meagan.  We drove by it yesterday when we ran our son down to his friends as he starts his flooring installation job today.  The basement suite is in an awesome location, very close to the university, close to Broadway Ave and 8th Street. She will be 6 houses away from the bus stop and maybe a 10 - 15 minute walk to the university.

July 2nd is our daughter's Birthday....I want to make a card for her so last night I dug out my paper and stamps...tonight I will start coloring the image so that I can complete the card by Wednesday evening.

It will be nice to have my house back to normal...then our lives will be more on track and back to normal.  The wait is so going to be worth in the end!

Today my daughter Brittany is escorting her boyfriend Ron to his Graduation.  She came and borrowed my camera for the morning...I will take pictures of the two of them this afternoon after work when they are both dressed up for the Grand March this evening.  We are very proud of Ron getting his high school diploma and wish him well.  I can't wait to see them dressed up tonight...I am sure they are going to look fabulous!  Will post pictures of them tomorrow!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Some Good News

Well the furnace is all in...took them a bit longer the second day than they originally figured. 

While the guys were back working on my furnace, I get a phone call from the flooring company and my Lino is coming in early than originally expected....they have booked us for the install for July 5th & 6th.  Called lumber yard and asked if there would be a problem holding our cupboards until after the Lino goes in....not a problem. 

The drywall should be done on Thursday and then the sanding and painting can start.  The end to my kitchen renovations is getting closer and closer.  Oh I can't wait till I have my kitchen back....then I have the task of sorting as I unpack and giving things to the kids to take with them to their new homes this summer.  The nice thing about giving the old things to the kids is I get new stuff for the kitchen...yep it is a win win all the way around.

Monday, 21 June 2010

A Quick Note

Well today being my EDO (earned day off) I spent the day waiting for them to finish installing our new furnace.  WOW is it ever small compared to our old furnace.  They have to come back tomorrow as they have about 2 hrs of work left to do....has to fix some of the shingles on the roof and some stuff with the furnace.  Today's plan was to do up the laundry but with them working around the furnace I was unable to get to my washer and dryer.  The old chimney is gone and one that is maybe 1/8 the size of the old one is now in its place. 

Once our reno's are finished we will have to get someone in to clean all the ducts out as they are heavily laid with dust.  Want that all cleaned out before we start using the furnace daily. 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Now We Wait.......

Well after checking every flooring store in town to see if they had any lino is stock that was close or similar to what we originally wanted....we came up empty handed so Saturday we headed off to Saskatoon to check there for lino that they had in stock.  We couldn't find anything in Saskatoon that we like or that was even close to what we we are going to wait.  What we might have to do is install the bottom set of cupboards before the lino arrives (we had wanted the lino to go down first) and leave the island until after the lino is installed.  So maybe, just maybe I will have most of my kitchen back before the end of June. 

In the long run we feel that waiting for what we want is the best idea...this way we will be happy with our choices and not saying we should have waited.

We ended our day in Saskatoon by attending the stock car races at Auto Clearing Speedway!  Some good racing...they had the legends in town for the race.  Those little cars sure can go.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

Well after talking with the guys about our flooring we have decided to see if we can find another Lino that is close to what we picked for what we picked it is a minimum of 3 weeks before it arrives here at the store in PA.  Our cupboards arrived at the lumber yard on Tuesday and the counter top will arrive next week.  Econo Lumber has said they will hold the cupboards for us as long as they can will depend on demand they have for the space they are taking up.  So it is back to the drawing board.  Well the good thing is we hadn't started painting yet as this may change the colors we picked at least the main wall color may have to change.

It will be hard to find new flooring once you have decided on something that you really like the color of and looks so good with both your appliances and your cupboard colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Well I guess it was bound to happen.....something would delay our house renovations.  Yesterday my husband ripped the old floor out to lay down the new underlay in preparation for the new vinyl flooring.  Tash's sent a guy out to get the measurements to call us back with a quote.  He figured Thursday or Friday of next week they would be able to do the install.....well that soon changed after he found out that the flooring we want won't be arriving in PA until the first week of July.  So now we are faced with the decision do we wait or do we start over and pick new flooring and have to maybe change the colors we picked...well we decided to wait for the flooring we really want.  This takes a bit of pressure off to have the drywall done so we can paint on the weekend.  Don't want to rush the mud so maybe this is a good thing but it is the much longer that my kitchen will be least I will have use of my fridge and stove still just lacking cupboards and counter space.  Oh well my kitchen will be really nice when its finished and I am really looking forward to the new design and the new cupboards.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

hAnglar Challenge and Blog Candy!

Today I discovered the world of hAnglar  stamps.  First I landed on Paper Crafting in Cocoa's blog and from there checked out the lovely hAnglar only challenge blog.  I wish I had at least one of these adorable stamps so that I could enter their 2nd challenge called "Shabby Look". Yes time to save some pennies and order a hAnglar or two.  If you love stamping and have a hAnglar stamp be sure to check out their challenge blog by clicking HERE even if you don't have a hAnglar stamp check out their blog....I am sure you will be impressed!

Anyways Iris is offering up some amazing blog candy in celebration of nearly 300 followers of her blog and close to 40,000 hits to her blog as well as the new 'lovely hAnglar only' challenge blog.  Make sure you stop by Iris's blog Paper Crafting in Cocoa to check out the yummy candy (guilt free too) she is giving away.  Don't wait too long to check out Iris's blog candy as you only have until June 21st.  Below is a pick of what you could win!

Growing Up Fast........

As the days of summer dwindle down so do the number of days that my daughters will be living at home.  Both Brittany and Meagan are moving out on their own this year.  Brittany is moving into her own house in Prince Albert on July 1st...she found a nice little house that is only a couple of blocks from her work....she can actually walk to work and be there in 5 - 10 minutes.  Meagan is moving to Saskatoon onto another chapter in her life...she is attending university in the fall, taking Arts & Science to begin with.  She is planning to move in August sometime. She is still contemplating what to major in...will it be law or will she apply to the Police Force or will she do something completely different.  Both my daughters are starting out on a new chapter in their lives.  Found a lead on a place for Meagan to live in isn't too bad....includes fridge, stove, front load washer and dryer and all utilities except phone and cable...and she won't need a phone as she has her cell phone...  Time to start packing up some of my old stuff and dividing it up between the girls....what a great excuse to get new stuff for my house.....

I will miss them when they are on their is like Brittany is already on her own as we don't see her very much as she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend.

My kids are growing up fast!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Meagan's Tattoo

Wanted to post a picture of my daughter's tattoo!  It is so beautiful!  She did a great job designing her tattoo.

Time With Friends

This weekend was like a step back in time.  It all started on Friday night when my friend Brenda arrived for a sleepover.  That is right a sleepover, Brenda's husband when to the lake with is brother and her son went to the lake with his girlfriend...leaving her home alone for the weekend.  So we decided that she come out on Friday night as well as Saturday we planned a BBQ with our group of 5 friends from high school. 

Saturday morning after enjoying coffee on our deck and taking in the sunshine Brenda and I headed into town to pick up the items on our list for Saturday evening BBQ with the girls, my hubby and children.  We started our afternoon off with pedicures and manicures.  OMG the pedicure was wonderful...thanks to the massaging chairs you have to sit in...not only did my feet feel good but my back felt awesome....maybe all I needed was a good massage to cure my back pain. 

At 3:30 we met my daughter at PA Ink, as she was getting her first tattoo.  She designed a beautiful tattoo of a Hibiscus and the Chinese symbol for strength.  She got the tattoo on her upper back in the centre...the outlining hurt a lot....I was glad that I was there for she could hold my hand, well actually squeeze my hand.  Brenda and I stayed until the outlining was finished and the fill started. 

Brenda, Chris, Lois and I (all friends from high school) along with my son Mike and daughter Brittany enjoyed an evening of friendship, good food and drinks (both with and without alcohol).  Roxanne was unable to be with us this weekend.  Not only was this a gathering of friends we also celebrated my 45th Birthday! We sat outside until it was too cold to stay on the deck...the wind was really cold last night.  It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday weekend.  My hubby didn't get home until after we had supper as he golfed 36 holes...but a he did give me a beautiful pair of gold earrings with diamonds....very beautiful...the first pair of earrings he has ever bought for me.....yep he did good!  It was one of the best birthday's I have had.

Brenda and Chris spent the night....this morning we spent about 4 hours visiting over coffee and left over finger food.  It was a blast talking about our families and our time in high school and the fun time we had.  Shortly after Chris left Brenda and I were finishing up the dishes and we decided that our little group of 5 - Brenda, Chris, Roxanne, Lois and myself are the "Real Housewives of Prince Albert".

Friday, 11 June 2010

A Pain In The..........


The last few nights I haven't been sleeping very well and I think I have finally figured out why!  It is my back.  Yesterday and Wednesday at work I had to keep my wheat bag on my back to give me some comfort.  This morning my back was really painful so much that it hurt to get out of bed so I decided to stay home and rest.  Anyways the pain isn't much better but I can't lay down for long, can't sit for long and can't stand for I am like a jumping jack up and down, up and down.  Hoping the muscle relaxants I am on will help with my back.  Will go back to the doctor next week for a follow up.  I have been having trouble with my back since April.  If only I could recite some magic words and the pain would go away!  I am hoping that I will get a better sleep tonight than I have had over the last few nights. 

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Not Much to Say Today

Don't have to much news to tell you today.....  Good news is yesterday my hubby ran into a professional drywaller yesterday, he came took a look at the house (told my hubby he did an amazing job on the walls in the house) gave my hubby a quote and he is hired.  He is coming over on Friday after he is done work to get the walls taped and maybe even the first coat of mud on them.  What a relief for my hubby....he is really glad that someone else is doing the taping and mudding. 

My son has informed me that there is a parcel at home for me.....I am so excited as it is my new Magnolia Ink magazines, 2010 Volume 1 & 2.  These are magazines that are dedicated to the Magnolia stamps from Sweden. I have posted a couple of cards using Tilda a Magnolia stamp.  I am so excited to look through these magazines as they are filled with tutorials and inspiring ideas.  Maybe my new stamps even arrived...crossing my fingers that they are in as well.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

They're Back........

........the walls that is!  Yesterday I arrived home to the all the walls up in my dining room and only one wall left to go up in the kitchen, the half wall around my stair well and the entrance way still need gyprock on the walls and then the dirty work starts.....the Mudding!  Glad I'm not doing that part!  What a difference in my house.  I never realized how big my kitchen really was until we changed the wall around the stair well and took out the wall that used to be my computer room/junk room to build the dining room.

I found the microwave that I want yesterday.....I need one with an exhaust fan built in as I am putting the microwave above the stove.  My husband said since we saved so much money by doing everything ourselves he wants to buy a new stove.  Hey I am game for that....mine is a plain nothing fancy stove that is only 2 years old and works complaints...but we are thinking of going with a Gas stove or an Induction Range......found one of each that I really like.  I don't know too much about the induction stove top so have to do a bit more research before I make a final decision.  Decisions......

Unfortunately I haven't had any time to work on any of my handmade cards this week, let alone color any of my stamped images.....just too many other things going on....maybe next week!  I did manage to print off some sheets of my new digital stamps that I bought over at Mo's Digital Pencil Shop.  I purchased Lacie with Ice Cream, she is so adorable and Siku and Shiya. There are many other's at Mo's Digital Pencil that are on my wish list.  Check out her blog to see her newest stamps by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Going Back Up

Yesterday evening I came home to my house a bit of an obstacle course.  The gyprock is going back up on the ceiling.  They figure that by the end of today they should have the ceiling finished in both the dining room and kitchen and probably most of the walls if not all.  The ceiling is up in the entrance way/porch.  Soon we will be ready for paint.  The biggest challenge was getting a day without rain so that my hubby could get the gyprock home, thank goodness mother nature held out yesterday. Al made two trips to town and should have enough to finish.  Worst part is that once the mudding is started with the damp weather we are having it will take that much longer for the mud to dry. 

I am hoping that by maybe Friday I can start with the primer at least.  It is coming together faster than I could have imagined. 

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Morning Ramblings.....

Seems that we have a bit of a reprieve in the weather.  We haven't had any rain since the wee early hours of Saturday morning.  My daughter needed to be picked up from the bar that she awoke me from my sleep but I didn't hesitate a bit to go get her.  In the 40 minutes that I was gone from hubby said it poured and poured and poured.  When I left the roads were soft and gooey from all the rain we had during the week.  When I came home the ruts were filled with water and I mean filled.  I actually had to shake my head as I thought I was seeing things.....but NO it was real and the road was full of water.

I am actually taking advantage of the nice weather right sitting on my deck with my coffee listening to the song birds sing their songs as well as listening to the darn magpies squawk and squawk and squawk.  The sky is clouding over but I still see some blue sky so I am hopeful that the rain stays away but as I type this I feel the odd teeny tiny drop of water.

Monday if the weather holds Al can go pick up the gyp rock from the lumber yard and start getting the drywall up.  My son has a little bit of insulating to finish and finish putting the poly on the ceiling then it is full speed ahead for the drywalling.  Once the drywalling is finished it is time to start painting.  I have the colors picked out going with Oxford Blue in the entrance/porch (a nice light blue grey) and Lexington Blue for the feature wall in the dining room and kitchen (not navy blue but not royal blue) and Ranchwood for the main walls (it is a brown/beige/grey) which is also going to be carried down the stair well and into the living room so everything flows together.  The feature wall in my living room is New London Burgundy. All my paint is Benjamin Moore...if you want to check out the colors click HERE to go to Benjamin Moore's website.

Al is going to get the flooring guys to come out this week to take measurements so we can order our flooring as once the painting is done the floor comes in then my cupboards come in.

Okay mother nature is out to torture me I am those teeny tiny rain drops are now coming on a regular basis and they are bringing their friends with them.  Good thing I am under an umbrella as I still able to sit out here and be on the laptop.  We have had over 8 inches of rain since May 1st...this is getting ridiculous.  Ahhhhh.......this morning's little shower has passed over and the sun is starting to peak through...the birds are still singing and the squirrels are chattering away.  I love living out in the country...muddy roads and all!

God has given me a wonderful place to live....I get to enjoy his beautiful handiwork each and every day!  I am blessed!  It truly is a "Wonderful Life".

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Down to Bare Bones

Well today when I came home there was very little gyp rock left on the walls....and it wasn't there very long.  The cupboards are gone...the gyp rock is to finish the wiring.  Al figures he will be able to start putting the new gyp rock up on the walls..then comes the mudding and sanding.  Then when all that is is my turn at the helm.....the painting will start.  My new kitchen and dining room are becoming a reality....I look at my kitchen and I can picture it in my mind how wonderful it is going to look when its finished.....did I tell you I'm excited for my kitchen reno's to be finished. Oh ya! I'm excited.

Well cross your fingers for me that we don't get anymore rain tomorrow so we can have the Relay For Life outside.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cupboards are Coming Down

Today my hubby and our son were busy little bees.  Mike finished insulating the porch....he said he went from hot and muggy to cool as the insulation went up.  Al packed up some of what I didn't get packed out of the cupboards last night.  The first set of bottom cupboards are gone......OMG did I ever have UGLY cupboards and some really rotten areas...but I guess when you think these cupboards are over 40 years old it is time for them to GO! 

Tomorrow Al and Mike have a little bit left to pack away from my baking cupboards and then the tops can go.  I have been taking pictures but will post a before and after once everything is finished up. 

I was sitting on the deck enjoying the evening with Al and Mike but gave up because of the mosquito`s...they are really bad so far this year....I am sure it has to do with all the rain we have had in May and the forecast is supposed to be for a wet June as well.  This is not good news for the farmers either...they need to get the crops in the ground before its too late.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tilda Birthday Card

I finished my card for Challenge #3 of the Magnolia Yahoo Group Birthday Bash.  For this card I used Tilda In Hat Sitting.  Click HERE to go to the Magnolia-licious Store.  Tilda is colored with Copics for her skin and PrismaColored Pencils for the rest of her.  I am sorry I can't tell you the colors I used as she is an image that I colored sometime last year.

I love how the blues and dusty pink complement each other of well.
Below are a couple of close ups of Tilda.

Happy Birthday greeting is hand written.....

I haven't decided who will receive this Birthday Card!  I have a couple of is nice to have a few cards in my stash so I am not scrambling at the last minute to do up a card.