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Friday, 12 October 2012

Goal for my 25th Anniversary

I started with Weight Watchers back at the end of February of this year.....according to Weight Watchers March 1, 2012 which is awesome I got nearly 2 weeks free to figure out the program.  So lately I have been getting so many complements lately on how great I am looking....every time someone comments it re-affirms that I am doing this and that I can do this....okay not only that it also gives me a boost to my self esteem. 

Anyways lately I have been thinking about goals to reach and I started thinking about my 25th Wedding Anniversary coming up in September 2013.  I have been with my hubby for 25 years already but with our 25th wedding anniversary coming up I have been told that there will be a party whether I want one or not.  I have always said I didn't want a party for our 25th....but that I wanted a honeymoon.  Yes we did have a honeymoon but we ended up taking our son with us who was 2 yrs old at the it never really felt much like a honeymoon. 

So I guess if I am destined to have a party for our 25th Anniversary I am thinking it would be a great time to renew our wedding vows.  Hope the hubby likes this idea, I am sure he will as it won't be another wedding all over just a small ceremony to renew our vows.   This leads me to my next bright idea....I have them now and then.  If I am renewing my wedding vows then I need a dress for the occasion, not a wedding dress but a really nice dress.  Something special, something that will be appropriate for outside as I want to do this outside.  I think it would be so romantic and fun to do this.  Another bonus is I will be smaller than I have been for most of my marriage and if I can get to my Goal weight I would be pretty much the same as I was the day I got married.  Not expecting to be at goal as I still have 73.5 lbs to go to reach goal.  I would rather loose my weight slowly and keep it off then loose to fast and risk gaining it back again.

Hubby tells me I will still have a honeymoon with no kids.....not sure if it will be around our anniversary or if it will be a winter holiday.  Guess we'll see. 

It feels great to have a new goal to work toward.  I think I can safely say around the 145 lb mark, seeing that I lost 39.5 lbs in 6 months.  So I took my weight as of today and subtracted 50 lbs which brings me to 143.5 and I rounded it up to 145 +/- lbs for September long weekend 2013.  I think this is doable and realistic.  I would rather loose the weight slowly and keep it off then loose too fast and gain some or most of it back.  Slow and steady is my plan!

Might have to start looking for a dress now, at least for ideas. 


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