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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hunting Season

Hunting Season is upon us. As my family can attest to I can get a bigger trophy buck than either my husband or my son and I don't have to spend hours out in the cold tracking and luring those fine creatures in. Nope I just have to drive down the road and the jump out and no top of my car, BAM....done bagged me a buck. At least that is how it happened in 2005. Not exactly the way I would like to see a buck up close and personal like. A set of antlers coming straight at me, everything in slow motion what seemed like minutes was only a couple of seconds. Yes I have bagged my share of deer with vehicles both in and out of hunting season.

So my son Michael bought his tag, stocked up on shells, dug out his hunting suit and made his lunch for the day is off to see what is out there. This morning he was up before 5:30 am, earliest I have seen him out of bed in a long time, probably hunting season last year. Michael is venturing out today with my cousin Bryon on their quest for a big buck. Something about being able to come home with big buck that makes a man feel like a MAN; Big buck, nice rack....that is antlers for all you that might be thinking otherwise...get your minds back on

Wonder if they would be singing Elmer Fudd's tune.... A hunting we will go, A hunting we will go.....probably not, at least not out loud.

Happy Hunting Boys~

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