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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Where is the Time Going

I would have thought I would have had more time to color and make some cards with burning days off from work but feels like I just get up and have coffee and the day is over......Have been busy catching up with other things around the house....taking my daughter to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth sitting on top it all.

We had the final inspection for the EnerGuide Program on now we wait and see what the differences are and how much of a rebate we get back.  Hoping that the province continues to keep this program up and running.....a nice incentive for people that have to do some household repairs to make their home more energy efficient.  I have heard that there is a possibility that they will extend the program in the provincial budget this year.  As it stands now the program ends March 31, 2011. 

I have also been spending time processing digital images taken at the Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race in February.  I shot my images in both high resolution JPEG and RAW formation....good thing as I had a number of them that ended up over exposed.  I wish I had purchased my new camera lens at least 2 months in advance not 2 weeks as I would have had a better feel for the lens.

Hoping that I can get back to my card making soon....I do have a few images colored up just need to assemble them into cards.  Still planning to keep up with my Christmas Card a month.....will have February's and March's to show you soon.

To get a better feel for my new camera lens I am thinking about embarking on a 30 Day Challenge that I plan to start on Monday March 21st.  Where I take at least a photo a day....I am working out the particulars of how I want to do this....keep posted to see the photos.


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