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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Peas n' Carrots

Waking up --- wide awake!  I haven't had this happen to me in a while but it did this morning, around 5am after a dream that felt very real. Don't know if it the fact that in my dream my husband and I divorced, I remarried and I think the guy wanted me to have more children...ya like that was going to happen...told him that in my dream too. Maybe it was the thought of having another child that woke up me the way I did. Wait till I tell my hubby about this dream....good thing he has a good sense of humor, I know he will get a good chuckle at my expense. In the words of Forrest Gump; We're like Peas n' Carrots, we go together. The new husband in my dream looked like Dr. Drew not sure why! I have only seen him on TV a few times, and I never thought of him as good looking, not that he isn't but never gave it a thought. Strange how our minds work. So I wonder what does this dream really mean....or was it nothing more than just a dream.


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