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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Crooked Trees

Al and I stopped to see the Crooked Trees near Hafford Sk. As you walk through the trees you'll see how they twist, turn and embrace each other from the ground up. They are truly a mystery.

This bluff of aspen is only about 50 sq feet not more than 20 feet away there are perfectly normal aspen growing. These trees cast a mystical, eerie & marvelous sight for all that visit this spot.

In someways I felt very close God as I walked through the trees. I can't explain it but the feeling was very serene. This is the second time that I had seen the Crooked Trees

These trees are truly a mystery. There are myths as to how they came to be from an alien space ship flying over head, to the aliens stopping for a pee break, lightening, the soil being contaminated.

There are reports of people getting dizzy and light headed as they walk through the trees, they say that only the brave will enter the trees in the light of the full moon. Local cattle stay out of the trees with out a fence around.

There is a mystery and beauty in these silent sentinels, that guard the secrets of their origin that is held deep with in their roots and the soil they live in.

They are worth the drive to go see. As you pass Hafford there is a sign on the hwy Crooked Bush follow the signs and you will find this marvelous mystery of Nature.


nadine said...

hi there! i've been trying to search for these trees on google, but can't seem to get a decent description on how to get there. i know where hafford is, or at least i've driven past it, but i can't think if i've ever noticed a sign for the trees before. do you think you could give me a bit of directions on how to get there? it's possible i've never noticed the sign before because i just recently clued in that i drive through hafford all the time, but didn't realize that's where the trees were!

Anonymous said...

There's a book titled Saskatchewan Scenic Drives by Robin and Arlene Karpan that has pretty good directions. I was there a couple of weeks ago and the directions were pretty easy to follow. It is an interesting site. GD