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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Laws of Attraction

It is amazing how somethings just happen in our lives when we least expect it too. I spent the weekend in Lloydminster with my husband since he had to work yet another weekend. I drove up to Lloydminster on Thursday after work and thinking how neat it would be if I ran into my old friend Robin Dobie. Robin was one of my best friends for many years. Just after I was out of high school he moved up to Lloydminster to work at the paper up there. Robin and I lost touch a few years ago. So my plan was to look him up in the phone book, I have no idea if he still lives in Lloydminster or not but figured it was worth a shot.

On Friday morning after my husband came back from the job site we decided to head out to Vermillion and area. First we stopped for lunch at Arby's, while there Al asks me if I had heard from Ted & Kim lately, our friends from Flin Flon, Manitoba. Well the conversation goes on and I tell him about the last email I received from Kim and then we are on our way for the day.

We have a nice relaxing day driving around, we stopped at this museum called "Climb Thru Time" in Paradise Valley, Alberta. This museum is housed in an old Grain Elevator. Dioramas in the grain bins make this former grain elevator and annex a unique museum experience. Team room, gift shop and train station are on the site as well. Housed in the Paradise Valley grain elevator, the museum displays fascinating artifacts and art portraying the birth of agriculture in Western Canada.

The museum starts in the 1800's with the settlers that came to the area going up through the years to current day. While walking through this museum many of my childhood memories surfaced. Like my days in the 4-H club, a banner with the Motto along with record books reminded me of my 4-H days. The display showing raising chickens brought back a memory I had forgot about. As soon as I stepped into that display everything came back to me like it was only yesterday right down to collecting the eggs from the hen house, feeding the chicks and chickens, candling and weighing the eggs to determine their size from small to extra large. The climb thru time is definitely worth seeing. Once you are up to the top you can look out the little window and see over the area.

We end with supper back in Lloydminster and relaxing back in the hotel. Our plans for the next day are to drive up to St. Walburg and take in the sites up that way. I still haven't had chance to look up Robin in the phone book yet.

The next morning as we were heading out for a day of site seeing this woman and her daughter are walking across the parking lot to their room and her daughter about 4 years old is screaming, I think I remember those days and that mom is sure keeping her cool. As I am about to get into the car Al says to me isn't that Michelle, I look back and sure enough it is Michelle. I call her name to be sure and yes it is. Her she is booked into the room next to us with her parents Ted & Kim from Flin Flon.

We head over to the restaurant to surprise our friends. Here we both have to go to Lloydminster to visit with each other. We had a wonderful visit with them at breakfast and again that night when they returned to the hotel from the wedding they were in town for. The funny thing was that morning while I was doing my make up on the bed, I turned as someone walked by the window and I could have sworn it was Ted Korte. There are not that many men that are as skinny as Ted and sure enough when we met up with them in the restaurant it was Ted.

As Ted put said it, it must be the laws of attraction as to why out of the blue Al asked about Ted & Kim and why I didn't get up when Al left for the bridge that morning. It was meant to be that old friends would have some time together to catch up....The Laws of Attraction at work.

As it turned out I did look in the phone book and found no listing for Dobie, Robin or Dobie R. I should have used Canada 411 and I would have found a listing that might have been Robin. There is no address or city given but there is a phone number that would have been a start. Oh well next time. I will most likely try the number from home and see if it is Robin's or not.

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