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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day trip to Waskesiu - PANP

Yesterday Al and I took my Aunt Esther and Cousin Kerry up to Waskesiu to the Prince Albert National Park. Al and I hadn't been there together since before we were married, about 20 years ago. Aunt Esther and Kerry hadn't been there for close to 33 years ago. We did find the cabin they stayed in at Bakers Cabins. These cabins are named after the provinces of Canada and the United States. They stayed in British Columbia at that time they were living in Saskatoon and shortly after they moved to British Columbia.

As we approached the beach I spotted a squire just sitting on a stump. I was lucky enough to get close enough to capture this photo without zooming into him. Photo to be posted later when I get my camera back from my daughter.

From the cabin we walked down to the lake shore. I couldn't very well come all the way to Waskesiu and not walk in the lake. It was colder than I expected for this time of year but was nice to just walk down the beach a ways.

The squirrel wasn't the only wildlife we seen. As were driving we noticed a deer just off the road grazing. We stopped and were able to get up to take some video and still photos of her. Suddenly a rustle of leaves caught our attention when her fawn walked out of the trees to his mother. The fawn still had his spots. It was truly beautiful to watch the two of them interact so close to us. Opportunities to witness mother nature up close and personal like this don't come along very often.

On our way home we stopped by to visit my dad. We had a couple of drink there then took some more photos and then we were off for home. As we were coming down our driveway we seen 5 more deer grazing in the hay field. Again we were able to get some good photos and video of the buck that stayed around to check us out as well.

My cousin made drinks for all of us as we sat around visiting until the wee hours of the morning. I really enjoyed my visit with my Aunt and my cousin. We were able to get a good visit in at Brooke's wedding and again at our place. We are already planning our holiday for next summer to visit them in Kamloops.

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