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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Back Skating.....

This morning my youngest daughter was quite excited as it was the first day of our regular Figure Skating Season. She has decided to skate 5 days a week this year. Meagan missed attending summer school this year but is alright with that in the end. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we plan. One thing that I can say for certain is that I am very aware of what my daughters addiction is...that's right addiction......and it is skating. Many people say oh that is so expensive and I just say no its peace of mind, I know that this addiction doesn't require rehabilitation or a criminal record like other addictions do. Meagan is at her happiest when she is lacing up her skates. She puts up with the blisters and sore feet for the first few days as she says that's nothing as long as I can skate.

Meagan has had the opportunity to meet and work with a couple of Canadian Champions. In 2005 she met Jennifer Robinson and in 2006 she met Jeff Buttle and his coach Lee Barkell. Our skating club brought these skaters into to do a seminar with the kids. Last year when Jeff Buttle was here there was time that both Jeff & Lee worked with the skaters one-on-one. Meagan had been struggling with her Double Salchow, Jeff worked with her and before she new it she fine tuned it and was well on her way to landing it successfully.

With her skating comes preparing for competitions, choosing music, remembering your programs and allot of discipline to train hard so you are prepared for those couple minutes on the ice in front of the judges.

Meagan is her own worst critic when it comes to her skating. I have learned from experience to not say anything when she comes off the ice until she says how she felt about her skate. Made the mistake one time telling her how well I thought she did and to her it was the worst skate of her life and I should have known that because I am there for all her practices and know what she is capable of.

Meagan has made many good friends since she has been skating. She has awesome coaches and enjoys her time on the ice. Sometimes they have to remind her to breath before she steps on the ice at a competition. That's right BREATH......Meagan forgot to breath part way through her program a couple of years ago at competition. She got so into what she was doing, she new what she had to put into her program but forgot the choreography of her program, she was concentrating so hard to put everything in the right place that breathing just wasn't on her mind at the time. She ended the program with probably the best spin I have ever seen her do. She place 3rd and brought home a Bronze Medal that day.

Meagan has been blessed ever since she started going to competitions by placing in the top 3 many times. She has a collection of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals from various competitions over the years.

Meagan has truly accomplished many challenges with her skating. I know this year I will busy sewing a new dress(es) for program(s).

Meagan has set a new set of goals for this year and I am sure she will work hard to accomplish as many of them as possible.

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