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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Life is Too Short

Human nature can be classified as strange at times & at other times it is what it is.....Human Nature~

On the evening Tuesday September 12th my sister-in-law called me around 9:30 pm, my first reaction was I wonder who died. Now you probably wonder why I would think that right away...well first off it was later that night and it was a week day and usually Marie calls when Allan is at home so they can catch up on things. As it turned out their Uncle Clair passed away in the early hours of that morning. In many ways it was a blessing that he passed from a heart attach as he suffered from ALS. Uncle Clair had suffered with it for 4 years, but he still worked up until his last day. We are all grateful that he won't have to suffer with ALS as it is a cruel disease and from my understanding of what I read can be very painful. There is no cure for it either.

So Friday Al and I head to Humboldt for the funeral. You have to know Uncle Clair was one of my husband's favorite uncles and mine too. Even though we didn't see him and Aunt Ann often other than a wedding or a funeral we thought a lot of him and feel bless to have had him in our lives.

Like most funerals family come from all over. We drop what we are doing to be there to pay our respects to the deceased and support the grieving family. So why is it we are always too busy to just drop what we are doing and go for a doesn't have to be for long, it can be for a couple of hours or a day but we should just do it before we are there to pay our respects. It doesn't even have to be a physical visit......just pick up the phone and call. I know from my own experiences with my family we are going and going and going, by the time we have a few minutes to pick up the phone to call it far to late so we put it off for another day. Well another day comes and it goes and still we haven't made that phone call or stopped in for a visit.

Life is too short to keep putting off till tomorrow what we can do today..... Before we know it we will be heading off to another funeral somewhere for a friend or a family member and saying the same things, "Why is it we can always meet up for a funeral or a wedding, but never seem to have the time to just get together for the visit with each other."

We enjoyed visiting with my husband's family that night. We feel very blessed to have the wonderful families and the good friends that we have. We enjoy our times spent with family and friends, we just need to try and spend more time with them when we can hopefully the next time we spend time family or friends it will be just because.

Human nature being the way it is we say we are going to try and change things but we seem to just get back on that fast track we call our lives and go full speed ahead.

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