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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Seeing it has been a while since I posted, figured I should give you an update.

We had a nice holiday.......lots of rain except for the 2 1/2 days that really counted. We had nice weather for travelling on Monday July 27th but that night the rain clouds started moving in. For the entire week it rained off and on until Friday afternoon when it started to clear up. This was perfect as the wedding rehearsal was late Friday afternoon. We enjoyed a BBQ at Ted & Kim's cottage along with some of their family members from Munster as well as local family. Saturday morning we woke to a slightly cloudy day but by 9:30 the clouds were all gone and the sun moved it.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding on Aug 1st for an outdoor wedding. The temperature was just right not too hot but definitely not cold. Even into the evening the day was perfect for the outdoor wedding. The bride looked absolutely beautiful! Everything was perfect.

Sunday was another nice day for the gift opening....the rain came at about 9:30pm or so that night so again another perfect day.

The wedding was held out at Baker's Narrows Lodge about 20 minutes out of Flin Flon MB. The lodgings were wonderful. The cabins were really nice and kept very cool, the advantage to log cabins. We are thinking that next year we will rent a cabin for a week of our holidays and spend time at the lake. To check out the lodge go to Bakers Narrows Lodge

Upon our return home I ended up sick. It was close to 2 weeks before I felt back to normal and my daughter Brittany ended up in the hospital overnight for a severe Kidney Infection.

As of Aug 4th my hubby and I get to travel to work together as he is working in the office in PA until the end of October but is hoping that they will extend him until Dec 31st. I am hoping that he will be in the office until after Christmas as well. It is nice to have him home each night. It has been many years since we lived with him home every night....I could really get used to this.

With Al being home all the time now, will be able to get a few more things finished on the house before the snow flies.

Well that is about it in a nut shell.

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