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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

House Renovations Cont...

We we are back at the exterior renovations for our house. My husband finished the sofet and facia boards on the porch. He has also put up the sofet and facia on the south facing wall along with the rest of the siding on the peak of that wall.

Last night Jack & Brenda came out to put the frames on the doors and help Al with the sofeting.

While I was out bbqing our supper I noticed alot of wasp flying around the sofet in one area. The noise was making my skin crawl. I hate bees of all hope they are not back this afternoon. We're pretty sure that they have a nest in attic area. Just thinking about them my skin is crawling.

Driving down the drive way our house is starting to look really nice. Al should have all the sofeting and facia boards on by the end of next week. The company that is coming to install the new eaves troughs told us on Monday a week to 2 weeks and they will be at our house.

Next on the agend is building the deck off the future dining room and parging the basement walls then we will be done the outside for this year. Then we will start working on things inside the house. Within the year we should have an old house that is like new. I am really looking forward to a new kitchen and a dining room.

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