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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas is coming!

The days are going by faster and faster.....Christmas will be here on Saturday.

Still shopping to do
Butter tarts and shortbread to bake

Going to make a list.....and checkin' it twice
Presents to wrap
and groceries to buy.
Oh my where have the days gone!

Good thing I start my holidays tomorrow.  Going to do more baking tonight and tomorrow, have a list ready for my darling he can finish the shopping on Thursday.  Good thing we only need a few stocking suffers and a gift for the dogs....yes we are one of the 70% of people who buy a gift for their pets (okay it is a nice smoked bone for each of them to gnaw on)....even have to get the Grand-dog something too (he needs a kennel, especial if he comes to stay at our house in January while Brittany is away for training in Saskatoon).



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