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Friday, 25 February 2011

Canadian Challenge Happenings......

Thursday a bitterly cold day for the most part of the Canadian Challenge.  With the wind chill it felt like -37 Celsius.....bitterly cold.  The wind was taking its toll on the dog teams that were out on the Lac La Ronge Lake today until late afternoon early evening when the wind finally died down. 

I spent the day at the finish line with my friend Michelle.  Some good opportunities for photos....with Mandatory vet checks and rest stops happening in La Ronge.  Michelle helped with one of the vet of the teams from Churchill that scratched from the race had a dog that took sick and wasn't seeming to improve, headed to PA to see the vets there. The dog got a clean bill of health...better safe than sorry....and with limited resources the race vets felt it would be the best for the dog to seen at a clinic...all ended well.

Beautiful Siberian Huskies

For an entire year I have been looking forward to returning to La Ronge for the best tasting bannock in Saskatchewan and Tom was there to please.  Yes it was worth the year long wait. 

Everyone enjoyed Tom's bannock.


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