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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The last couple of months I have made great strides in dealing with the grief of loosing my father in June 2008....yes nearly 3 years ago and I am finally able to let go.  It has been a huge struggle to get to where I am.  I was easier to pretend that it hadn't happened and not deal with things than to deal with them.  I miss my dad very much but also can now say that he has passed away and believe it.  I went to an amazing councilor who helped me see things in a much different light.  When I now talk about my dad I am not fighting to suppress the emotions and can do so without crying.  It is a good feeling to let go of something that has been so I think of the wonderful memories and smile.  I don't have any regrets....I know my dad loved me and I also know that he knew how much I loved him. 

Today at the end of my session, I was able to pick another card...and once again I couldn't have picked a more appropriate one. 


Decide for yourself

Exercise your right to choose

I made the decision to choose to remember the good times and not dwell on the what ifs and to see the good that comes from something bad. 

Life Is Good


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