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Friday, 9 September 2011

Bobby Curtola

Just over a week and half ago my son calls me up and asks, "You like Bobby Curtola, right?" to which I reply yes.  He then asks me, "You met him once didn't you?" to which I again reply yes back in 2004 when he came to meet with our Executive Director for a meeting...hey I spoke to him on the telephone a few times too.  The first time he called our office, he actually sang Corinna, Corinna to me just because my name was Corinne.  Yes I am much younger than he thought I was when we met.  Bobby was a hit back in the 1960's and I was born in the mid 60's.  I always said I grew up in the wrong era....the music from the 50's and 60's were always my favorites growing up.

So anyways back to what I was getting son gave me two tickets to see Bobby Curtola in concert here in PA.  Now the decision -- who do I I asked my husband out on a date....and he accepted.  Your probably wondering why I was shocked he accepted, well I wasn't sure if he would be interested in seeing Bobby Curtola as I wasn't sure if he like his music.  So last night we had our date night....this was another celebration for anniversary.  The concert was excellent.  The band The Sensational Hot Rods - a 50's tribute band were fa-nominal, a lot of talent on stage last night.  A big thank you to our son for getting us tickets to see an amazing Canadian Artist perform live. 

So after the concert Bobby announced before his last performance that he would be signing autographs.  I was 3rd in line to get his autograph again.  Of course my husband was quick to get me in line to meet Bobby....and then Al disappears to have a beer and I didn't get a picture with Bobby, which is what I had wanted.  But I did get to talk to him and he did remember meeting me when he was here for a meeting with my old boss.  So it was catching up with an old friend. 


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