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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Away for a while

I have been away from my blog for a all started back in early December when my hubby dropped my laptop...that's right he DROPPED my laptop.  Needless to say they don't like to be dropped and it caused my hard drive to crash and loop through the start up.  Then while I was without a computer my Yahoo email gets hacked, I find this out just a few days after my new laptop arrives at my house and hasn't even been fired up did I find work email received a couple of emails so it was time to go in and change passwords once again....without having my computer was unable to change the passwords...  Once I got my new laptop all set up online I proceeded to get passwords changed.  Then I had the wonderful task of trying to recover everything from the old hard drive...was able to use cables and connect it to read as a slave drive so that I could access my files and transfer them over to the new laptop and from there they are going onto a portable external hard-drive.  Transferring the files was a very long task....because of sectors of the hard-drive being damaged when it was dropped if a file failed it could take hours to let me know it was unable to be moved or even accessed.  I was lucky to get all my Genealogy fingers were crossed for that one first and foremost and the it was time to cross my fingers for my photos....well on that front not so lucky....I probably got about 2/3's of them back which is better than nothing.  My genealogy and photos were my biggest concerns about getting back as for everything else that I was able to retrieve back was a bonus.  So I started moving files early January and didn't finish up until the end of February....this tested my patience that is for sure. 


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