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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ever Wonder......What your names means

I have always had an interest in the meanings of things.....I think I get this from my interest in genealogy. So today I decided to learn more about the hidden meaning of my first name.

"Corinne". Maiden - "Greek"

It went on to state: "Sensitive, friendly and kind you look for peace and beauty in your environment and relationships. People like to be around you because of your charm and generosity and because you always generate a happy atmosphere. You have a fairly traditional approach to life and have a strong attachment to home, family and loved ones. With your creative imagination you have potential to be successful in the the arts."

After reading that I reflected on my inner self and so much of that statement is true of me. It gave me chills to think that my name actually reflects so much of me......the real me. I do have a strong attachment to home, family and loved ones. If I didn't have these things in my life, I think I would lost.

My dad tells me that I have my mom's creative knack....whether for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking or decorating he sees my mom in me especially in my love of the arts.

It is like they say everything has a meaning. Like when someone special walks into your life, there is a reason...I feel the same about when things happen either good or bad, sad or happy there is a reason and a lesson...that is there for us to discover and learn from.

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