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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance —

Hope was personified in Greek mythology as Elpis. When "Pandora" opened "Pandora's Box", she let out all the evils except one: hope. Apparently, the Greeks considered hope to be as dangerous as all the world's evils. But without hope to accompany all their troubles, humanity was filled with despair. It was a great relief when Pandora revisited her box and let out hope as well. It may be worthy to note that in the story, hope is represented as weakly leaving the box but is in effect far more potent than any of the major evils.

"Hope" is something we all have or should have in our lives. To me without "Hope", there isn't much to look forward to every day. Just like I hope for the sun to shine and warm weather for the next while. Farmers need to get the crops in, people need to plant or finish planting their gardens and for those walking in the 12 hour Relay for Life this weekend need warm dry weather. Relay For Life is the Canadian Cancer Society’s unique, Hope filled community event. For all the survivors that walk the first lap, they tell us they admire what every participant it doing for them and all those that are battling cancer, won their battle or have lost their battle with cancer. One survivor told me that we the team members help give them hope for a cure, hope that the next person won't have to go through what they have endured, hope for a better tomorrow. For some "Hope" is all that they have left to hold on to.
Hope is often the result of faith in that while hope is an emotion, faith carries a divinely inspired and informed form of positive belief.

Hope, keep it close to your heart; for without it you may never find your way!

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