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Monday, 28 May 2007

Life is a Challenge --- If it is anything!

Today a co-worker was congratulating me on my new job that I will be going to on June 11th. I was saying how it will be new challenge and that I am up for it, he said to me, "Life is a Challenge, If it is anything."

This made me think of the challenges that I have faced in my lifetime to date. Many of these challenges are good and some I wouldn't want to live through again. I can say that I did get something out of the each and every challenge I have faced.

Today's challenge was to get home without going in the ditch.....we have had so much rain here ...think I might end up with web feet, just like a duck if it keeps raining. There is one stretch on Gardner Road that gets bad when ever it is like driving through sludge.....what do I mean it is "like" driving through sludge, IT IS driving through sludge......SLIMMY GRIMMY GOOEY SLUDGE.

With every challenge comes a lesson and it is up to us to discover what that lesson is. Today I am reminded that slow and steady, will get me & my family home safe.

I think my children challenge me more than I would like to admit....I see them facing their challenges and find it really hard to sit back and watch. They need to grow just as I was allowed to grow through the challenges I faced. Like how my grandparents and my dad where there when I needed them, I will be there for my children. If only kids came with a "Handbook" parenting would be so much easier but probably not near as much fun.....and there would be no challenges to learn from and to pass that knowledge on them. would be boring with out them.


Tami Burgess said...

My girl, you are a wonderful friend and a wonderful mother. As parents we do have many unforseen challenges that we aren't exactly up for, but I guess "what doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger" right? anyways, you are a blessing. Remember That

Love always
Tami B

Corinne's Place said...

Tami, you too are a wonderful friend. And like you say we do face many unforseen challenges and sometimes we are not up for them but we do make through them. I think it is with the support of family and true friends that help us get through many of our challenges and help us grow. You mean a lot to me and I am blessed to have you in my life.
Love ya girl.