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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Time with Friends..........

I just love the innocence of this picture. Reminds that we need to stop and enjoy the little things that life has to offer us.

With so many of us having busy lives these days it seems harder and harder to find the time to spend with our friends. We are either running with our children, volunteering for one thing or another or just trying to catch a few minutes for ourselves.

Last night (Wednesday May 30) I seized the opportunity to spend some time with Brenda, a very dear friend of mine. My daughters were both busy with their friends and my son was at work and I had time to kill before picking up my daughter from the movie.

As strange as it may sound Brenda and I spent our time grocery shopping. It was one of the best times we have spent together just the two of us, it was quality time. We talked about all sorts of things, from reminiscing when we bought cute little outfits for our kids; our children are teenagers now to swapping secrets to how we make certain family favorites. We talked & joked about all sorts of things. We caught up on many things. We shared stories of our dogs, we are both dog lovers. We talked about their quirky little ways, likes & dislikes even about which brand of dog food we think is best for our dogs ....and we both agree Purina One.

The best part of our shopping trip was spending the time together without our kids or husbands distracting us.

Who ever thought grocery shopping could be so much fun.......try it with a friend sometime, I think you will shopping can be alot of fun and interesting too....

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