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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Home Decorating with Corinne & Lesa

We all have seen those home decorating shows such as "Trading Spaces" and "Whose Designs Is It". Well the other day at lunch I went to the mall with a friend, Lesa. The plan was to get away from the office environment and look around the mall.

Our first stop was Zellers which ended up being the only stop. We started out in the house wares sections. Lesa picked up a couple of items she needed, before long we realized we needed a cart. Did you know that Zellers has joined the ranks and is now charging $1 for their carts. I guess to many have disappeared over time. So anyways Lesa says I need a shower curtain lets go check them out....we spent the rest of our time in the bath section. By the time we left Zellers, Lesa had nearly everything she needed to re-decorate her bathroom.

With a second trip the next day back to Zellers Lesa was able to get everything else needed except for a soap dish. Yes the bathroom is now the nicest room in her house, so she says. I remember when my bathroom was the nicest, newest room in my house. You know you've made a difference when your teenage boys notice that the bathroom looks nicer than before.

Home Decorating with Corinne & Lesa, an new series for television, probably not but a lot of fun for two girls needing to get away from the office scene.

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