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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Things......Humour in a Box

The other night we had friends over to watch the football game and supper.

After supper and the dishes were done we sat down to a game of "Things Humour in a Box". The game is played in rounds with the number of players being the number of rounds. Each person takes a turn to be the one to read the questions and start the answering. This is a game that you can play over and over and never have the same answer.

Questions like:
• THINGS...™ people do when no one is looking.• THINGS...™ your parents forgot to tell you.
• THINGS...™ you can never find.• THINGS...™ dogs are actually saying when they bark.
• THINGS...™ you shouldn't tie to the roof of your car.

The object of the game it to guess who wrote each answer down. For each correct guess you get a point and also knock that person out of the running to gain points in the round. The person who wins the round gets 3 bonus points as well.

That night 6 of us played two rounds.....we had a blast. It is amazing how much my husband and I think alike. A couple of times we answered with the exact same answer. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

One one of my turns to be leader as I was reading the answers to the questions aloud I was laughing so hard I was crying....well try reading the answers with out laughing is nearly impossible at times especially when the question leaves it wide open to anything for an answer.

Now I am looking where I buy this game. Our friends got theirs as a Christmas gift one year, she found one game last year at a game kiosk in the Mall in Saskatoon last year. I did find a Canadian Website where I can order the game so I don't find one in PA or Saskatoon this year I will order one from the web.

Things.....Humour in a Box, if you get the chance to play the game I am sure you will find it enjoyable and humorous.


Tom Quinn said...

Hi Corinne

My name is Tom Quinn and I am one of the co-inventors of "THINGS... Humour in a Box". I just came across your blog about our game and had to get in touch. I am very happy that you are having so much fun with "THINGS...". We actually invented it about 11 years ago just to make each other laugh and after 6 years of everyone telling us that it was the funniest game they had ever played we decided to put it on the market. We have since sold over 125,000 copies in just over four years and we have licensed it to HASBRO (The biggest game company in the world) and so by 2009 it should be everywhere games are sold all over the world. Thanks for sharing your moments with your friends because it was this type of word-of-mouth that has contributed to "THINGS..." success.
Keep in touch and let us know about some of your favourite responses.


Tom Quinn

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Irfan Hassan said...

Things.....Humour in a Box

Amazing experience, last weekend my family went to my cousin place Chatham, we are 7 players played this game from my son 9yrs to my aunt 68, what a game, laughing and enjoying, we had two round and some time surprise to see the comments and judge your spouse or partner minds.

Enjoyed a lot and planning to buy. It’s more fun than apple to apple.