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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Life's Goals

Yesterday as I sat in the waiting room of the doctors office with a migraine I was reading a magazine that had stories about the lives of people affected by 9/11. One article was wrote by the mother whose daughter was working on the 104th Floor of the North Tower that day. She tells of how her and her husband watched on TV as the North Tower collapsed, knowing that their daughter was gone. A feeling that I can't even imagine, nor want to ever imagine.

4 years after the mother fears that she is loosing her daughter all over again...this time she fears that her daughters memory is fading until the day computer wouldn't start up and she used her daughters laptop. Unsure of hot to turned on the laptop as she looked at the keyboard it was like her daughter was standing there with her guiding her in how to turn on the laptop. She explored all aspects of the daughter laptop, the pictures, games and more until again she felt like her daughters memory was slipping away from her until she decided to open a folder titled "Top 100". Thinking this was a music file and running out of things to explore of her daughters life she clicked on it opening it, only to find her daughter in there, not music or photos or games but her life, arranged into a number list of goals. On her list were things like: "Be a good friend", Keep in touch with people I love and that love me"....the list of numbers rose to 37 before it stopped.

The mother realized that her daughter was home with them and with God. Her daughter would be with her in the way she lived her life from now on. A small list was able to help a mother deal with her grief.

After reading this story it got me to think about my life and the goals that I have accomplished and those that I would like to accomplish, my dreams of unseen places and things I have left undone. I have decided to make my own list and not just keep it on my computer but in my bible, close to my heart and to God.

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