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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

House Reno's

Well after being sick for a week, I am back in the land of the girls were a little worried that I might have swine flu.....nope just the stomach flu but did it knock me on my butt!

Well Saturday we started our house renovations. First thing Saturday morning the insulation and siding was delivered. Allan and Michael got all the siding off the north wall and the west wall of the house a bit of the insulation on the west wall that day. Sunday being a day of rest was truly that for the guys. Monday right back at it they put in 2 bedroom windows and the bathroom window and got all the insulation on the two walls. Today they were hoping to get the kitchen windows in but with the cooler weather that might get put off till it is a bit warmer, guess I will find out when I get home.

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