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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What is with the Snow!

Here it is May 20th and I woke up to about an inch or so of snow this morning. Instead of looking like a Spring day it looks more like an early winter day.

It had started snowing last night on our way to Saskatoon, I was surprised that by the time we hit McDowell the fields were white. Sure enough the snow kept falling throughout the night. On the radio this morning the announcer said we got a skiff of snow...maybe in the city but it definitely wasn't a skiff at my place and I live 20 minutes north of town.

I am starting to wonder if Mother Nature isn't feeling very well or if it is just old age catching up with her and she is having trouble remembering that it is Spring not Winter!

I haven't even thought about planting my garden as it has been so cold the last week or so.

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