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Friday, 22 May 2009


Well the weather put us behind a bit on our home renovations. The snow we got on Tuesday was enough to bring things to a grinding halt for a couple of days. Yesterday we picked out the two entrance doors. I must say they are going to look really nice. Friends are coming out to help us this weekend, plan is to get the doors hung, the rest of the windows in and all the insulation up on the walls. Hubby is hoping that by Sunday they can start the siding. I am really getting anxious to see the finished old house will look like a new house. Once all that is done then we'll start on building the deck. We have the big deck on the front of the house to remove, then to clean up the ground below that will be a job and a half. For nearly 17 years the cats and the dog have spent time under there so it will consist of removing some of the dirt and replacing with fresh top soil. Don't want a flower garden that will smell like the cats. Who knows what treasures will be found under that deck. So time to start planning and designing the front gardens. Everything I plant will be a perennial except for anything that goes in the planters. Have started thinking about what I want to do in the back yard as well, especially now that we are putting our deck off the back. This will be a project that will probably take this year and next year to complete.

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