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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Yesterday I while I was on Facebook, I checked out the new pictures that my daughter had posted. As I was going through them I realized that she had taken some of her favorite pictures and edited them. I really like the effect of the photos where she took out all the color except for one or two particular colors. Of course this sparked my interest (anything to do with photography grabs my interest - a favorite hobby of mine) so I asked her how she did this. She tells me about this photo editing website called PicNik.

Here is the link to the website

I have only started to look at this site but like what I see. Picnik is free to use but also gives you the option to upgrade to PicNik Premium for a yearly fee. So yesterday I decided to try this site out.

This picture I made a collage of 3 different pictures, changed them to Black & White and added just a bit of color around Meagan's face then added a frame to the collage.

I took this picture of Meagan and turned into into a pencil sketch but softened the amount of pencil to leave a bit of color then added a boarder around the picture.

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