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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The house renovations are coming along really well. We nearly have all the siding up thanks to my hubby...he has done a lot of work on the house. We had our friends come out and help for a weekend. Jack and Al got the 2 entrance doors in, the garden doors and 5 windows in the house. Al was sure grateful for Jack's always go much faster when you have a couple of people working with you. I have been taking pictures and video of the reno's but haven't had chance to pull them off the camera yet.

Friday May 29th was the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Our team the Stud's 'n Peeler's participated once again. We are one of about 3 teams that have been participating since the first Relay For Life in 2001. We have 4 team members that have been on the team either as a stud or a peeler since 2001 as well. We raised $7415, second highest funds raised for Prince Albert. I do have some pictures from the Relay as well but again I haven't taken them off the camera yet.

We moved our son back home on Sunday. Cheaper to live at home and look for work than to try and struggle to pay rent while looking for work. It is nice to have him home again, but I know he will be wanting to be back on his own as soon as he can get back on his feet.

Last night we went to the John Fogerty concert in Saskatoon. For a 64 yr old man he sure can Rock. It was an excellent concert and I am really glad that we went.

Well that is about it for today! Hopefully will have the pictures pulled off the camera soon so I can post some photos.

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