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Friday, 23 October 2009

Winter's Coming

Well it seems that weather gods just didn't want us to have much of a summer as far as weather is concerned and seems like it is going to be the same for the fall season. It feels like we just went from winter to winter with a few nice days here and there in between. So I figured it was time to start getting prepared for winter, so at lunch time it was off to Davidner's to buy a winter jacket. I did find a jacket, even got a bit of deal on the price. I had looked at this jacket in the spring and really liked it. I was glad to see that they had just gotten a shipment of these Outback Jackets in this month. So after Davidner's it was off to Beth's Yarn & Needle Craft shop to pick up some yarn for a scarf and mittens. Well I did pick up yard for my scarf but couldn't find the colors that look good. I don't need mittens just yet so I have some time before I will need them, and I wear gloves for the most part unless it is really cold. So all I need to pick up now is a pair of everyday boots and I should be set for the most part. Oh and I have to knit the scarf, but first I need to finish Brittany's mitten's that I started last year.

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justme said...

i have not prepared for winter yet. the kids need boots but the snow suits from last year still fit thankfully. washed them up the other day because it was cold but then the weather decided to warm. not really complaining but i wish it would stop going from one extreme to another!