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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Signs of Spring

You know spring is here when you see the Canada Geese return from their vacation in the balmy south.  Sunday afternoon as I was heading into town to pick up my daughter just a little ways from our drive way were two Canada Geese standing on the edge of the road.....then further down the road by the slough were three more Canada Geese.  I am sure they are wondering where the open water is and what is with all this white stuff.  It was a wonderful site and very uplifting.  Our snow is disappearing fairly fast...faster than I thought it would.  Yes I do feel like spring is here.  I love that I am waking up to the rising sun and going home before its fully set.

Each night our temperature drops enough that the puddles are frozen over.....the last two days as I am walking out to the car I notice opportunities for some neat photos but alas I haven't had the time to run back in and grab my camera.  Yesterday morning it was the formation of the ice on the puddles....such neat shapes and colors and this morning it was a frost ring on the frozen mud...looked as though something round had been lifted out of the mud leaving this amazing ice crystal formation behind.  So maybe if I get to bed earlier tonight I can get up earlier and have some time to go out with the camera before I have to leave for work.  

Another sign of spring that brings music to my ears is the notes from the birds singing away in the mornings.  Haven't spotted any blue birds yet...but have some Junco's in my yard.  After a long winter spring seems to arriving with new signs daily.


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Linda said...

Oh this is so sad. What a super cute puppy!!!! I'm so sorry I know that for a lot of us these pups are a part of our family!!!! My heart goes out to you !!!!!