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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Life Is Good!

Easter has come and gone for another year.  Where does the time go, in a few days we'll be moving into the 5th month of the year....feels like we should be only entering into the 3rd month.  Holds true don't blink you might miss it.

Our family had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We started with a visit to my daughters on Thursday after work for a couple of drinks with her, her new boyfriend our other daughter and her friends as they all got ready for "Spring Fling".

Spring is a time for new son M started his job at Canadian Tire last week.  Was getting very frustrating for him...applying for job after job and nothing.  Now that he has found a job the interview requests are coming from every where.  My eldest daughter B is moving on with her life...out with the old and in with the new.  She has found herself a very nice boyfriend, one that treats her like she deserves to be a Princess.  So nice to see her so happy in her life.  First time I have seen her this happy in a very long time.  My youngest daughter M is back home...hubby is moving her stuff home from Saskatoon this weekend.  M had a job interview last week and is in the running for the job...from what she was told by an acquaintance that works there M is the top candidate so heres hoping she gets the job.  It is part time but at least it is work and if it works out hopefully she can find another part time job to pick up the slack.  Yes life is good....that song has been playing in my head since last week.

Good Friday the hubby and I just spent around home not doing too much of anything.  Saturday B came out to our place for the night with her two fur babies - Charlie & Abby.  My house went to the dogs for the weekend.  Easter Sunday we had a wonderful family supper, B's boyfriend arrived early afternoon after a visit with his dad and family.

Life is good!


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