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Friday, 4 November 2011

White Tail Deer

Last week I had the opportunity to travel up to Meadow Lake for work for 3 days.  The timing was both good and bad....the bad was I was fighting off a bad cold and probably should have stayed at home and the good is that it was a few days after the photography workshop I took the weekend before going to Meadow Lake.  I was excited about the drive up as there is usually a variety of wildlife along the way.  As it turned out we did see some wildlife which provided opportunities for me to get some good photographs.

Was very lucky to get some great shots of some White Tail Deer that didn't run off to the bush as soon as we stopped along the edge of the road.

When I captured this photo of the 2 yearlings grazing I didn't realize I had the front deer in the frame until after I snapped this photo.  I do like the perspective it gives.
This one of the two deer is one of my favorite shots of the trip.  I like how the light is soft and lightly blurred in the foreground and how I caught the back deer as he was grazing just inside the tree line.


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