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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Love The One You're With

Today as I was heading towards the check out at WalMart a display of books caught my attention. One book more than the others seemed to stand out to me "Love The One You're With" by Emily Griffin. I am not exactly certain as to why it stood out so much to me. Maybe it had to do with a phone call from my youngest daughter, whose heart was hurting for reasons she couldn't quite explain. Of course it is boy troubles..... I read the jacket of the book quickly and set it back down as I am watching where I spend my money. For some reason the title of this book has been in the fore front of my thoughts since I walked away from the display of books.

As I thought about it I thought of questions that I could ask my daughter so she could think about things in her relationship with her boyfriend. Like can you truly love someone that makes you feel insecure more than secure, makes you scared to tell him what is really on your mind because you are afraid he will end the relationship. Do you love how he makes you feel? You see Meagan and her boyfriend broke up May 1st and were back together by the end of the May long weekend. They have gone from one extreme to spending too much time together to the other extreme of spending hardly any time together. She has to search her heart for what is right for her. It is always the hardest when it is your first love and you feel that you will never find another person to love or that will love you back.

This also got me to thinking about my relationship with my husband and how wonderful it is and how lucky I am that we found each other. I look forward to Friday nights when he is back home from work and dread Monday mornings as I know it won't see him again until Friday. We talk each night even if it is just to tell each other how much we love each other.

At once heartbreaking and funny, Love the One You’re With is a tale of lost loves and found fortunes—and will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what if.

Have you ever wondered what if? I think most people have; but you can't live on what ifs you have to live with what you have and Love the One You're With.

God loves us. If we live in love, it serves as a sign that God lives in us.
We are capable of love only because God loved us first.

I John 4:16-19

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