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Monday, 2 June 2008

Family Time

My weekend started out on a good note and ended the same way. Friday night around 7:30pm my son arrived at the Relay for Life. It was nice to see him....I gave him the biggest hug I could. Even though I miss him every day I am so very proud of him and happy for him.

Saturday Michael and his dad were out golfing until they got rained out on the 7th Hole. Even in the rain they had a great time together and both realized how much they miss each other even though they won't admit to it.

Sunday afternoon Michael and headed into PA. After my meeting we called my dad to invite him over for supper. He told me that he would pass as he was feeling tired....make a long story short, I put Michael on the phone and dad agreed to come for supper. Off to Safeway's to pick up steaks & corn on the cob. When we turned down the drive way both Michael and I start to laugh as my dad is already at my house waiting for us. We figured he knew Michael was home that as soon as he hung up the phone he grabbed his hat & car keys and was off to our house.

Michael and made an awesome supper enjoyed by all. BBQ'd steak - done to everyones liking, backed potato, ceasar salad, corn on the cob & ceasar salad. It was great for us to sit down to a wonderful supper as a family.

Family time is so very important. A time for us to share in each other's lives and build more memories to last a lifetime

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