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Thursday, 5 June 2008


I have received many pictures, stories, handmade gifts & cards over the years from my 3 children. I have saved many of these over the years and look back and remember the day Michael drew that dinosaur or the stained glass vase (tissue paper on a baby food jar) that Brittany made me for Mother's Day that still sits on my dresser or the card Meagan made me for my birthday. They all bring back many wonderful memories.

If you’re only giving your children cards and notes on “special” days and holidays, you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity. On occasion I have wrote a letter to my children maybe to settle a disagreement that we had. Sometimes it is easier to explain what you mean on paper than in words. Other times it is just to tell them that I love them and treasure the times we have together. Sometimes it is a quick note to wish Meagan luck on an exam in school, or to tell Michael and Brittany to have a good day at work and of course the I Love You's.

I have many memories in my heart to draw on. I always enjoy going through the pictures that kids drew as they were growing up for the silly poems they wrote on the cards they carefully crafted for my birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or just because.

Sometimes memories are all we have left....take the time to make them.

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