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Friday, 6 November 2009

Santa Fe

Tuesday after work I brought home my new 2009 Santa Fe GLS AWD in Glacier White Pearl. We are so happy with our new vehicle. Handles nicely, very comfortable ride.

Yesterday after work we stop at the Liquor Store on 1st Ave to pick up a case of beer. While I was waiting in the vehicle for Al, all of a sudden bam and the vehicle moves forward. Sure enough we were rear ended by someone trying to park....good thing they were barely moving but impaired enough that they couldn't judge their distance. Couldn't get a clear answer out of the woman if she had a valid drivers licence or a learners license. At one point she tells me she is only a learner, then she says she has a drivers licence...trying to explain that she is just learning to drive this car, as it is a standard. Told her I didn't care that she was just learning that she needs to be more careful. The more I talked to the more the smell of booze came from her. I was able to get her name, phone number and address. Took down the plate number and she conveniently didn't have her drivers license on her. Anyways I called the cops and they came down but she had already left.

There was no damage done to either vehicle. Not even any paint transfer. Once we wash it we may notice a small crack, so will be checking it out probably this weekend. I don't think there is any damage as when she hit me we both went forward together and back so there wasn't another impact. It was more like a tap that a smash but none the less needed to be reported to the police because of the suspicion of being impaired. The cop gave me a file number on his card before he went looking for the woman. I just hope the cops found this woman while still driving.

I don't understand why people think they can drive even after a couple of drinks and be impaired. Sure they think they are good drive but they are not. Don't know what it will take for people to learn that they are danger to everyone including themselves.

Oh ya did I say I love my new vehicle!

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