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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bar Hoping

Yesterday Al and I headed off to Saskatoon to get new tires put on our daughter's car after they were slashed last weekend.  Four phone calls later we found a place that had the tires in stock and were able to put them on the rims as well.  One place we called didn't have them in stock, the the other 2 had them in stock but couldn't even entertain the idea of trying to get them on the rims till maybe Monday so A-1 Tire to the rescue.  They were fast hubby was gone maybe 1 hour by the time he was back to put them on the car.  Meagan and I spent some time together watching "Dear John"  good movie while keeping an eye on the football game Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Toronto Argonaughts we left the house it was tie game 10 to 10. 

Once the tires were one we decided to head out somewhere we could have a bite to eat, a drink and watch the off to the Hose we went.  It is bar in an old fire station, very neat place.  So after something to eat and a drink I decided to head off to Michael's to see what I could find.  The only way I get to this store is if I go by myself....hubby and the kids don't like going there.  So I leave Al and Meagan at the Hose thinking they are heading home as soon as they are finished their drinks.  Well Meagan runs home picks up her skates so she can take them to get sharpened.....while they are waiting for her skates...they hit a couple of the local establishments on Broadway for a drink.  Meagan and Al had a wonderful afternoon together as did I at Michaels.  I actually beat them back to Meagan's place.  As I was going to dig out her spare key I could hear people walking up the sidewalk and figured I bet that is them....sure enough they came around the corner laughing and chatting. 

Oh ya the Saskatchewan Roughriders won the football game.....YEAH!!!


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