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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I do think I have been bitten by the Halloween bug and it seems I am contagious as well.  Today myself and a couple of co-workers headed off to Dollar-Rama on a mission to pick a couple more of the Jack-O-Lantern tealight Candle Holders I have....well of course I couldn't leave the store without picking up a few more things for the was skulls, black roses, a black lantern, a really ugly witch that cackles - oh she is cute, a hand that hangs out of the filing cabinet drawer and a couple of scrapbook pages.  The other girls picked up some items to decorate their areas with as well.  I heading back to Dollar-Rama again tomorrow as after making a couple of  changes in my work area there a couple more things I want to add then I should be good this year... Even picked up what looks like a cast iron witches pot for candies on the last day of work before Halloween.

Not sure where this getting into Halloween has come we were saying that it might have to do with not having to worry about getting stuff together for the kids...less stress might have something to do with it.

My costume is coming together as well.....definitely in the spirit for Halloween this year!


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