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Monday, 18 October 2010

Arm Chair Coaching

Yesterday afternoon Al and I went over to a friends place to watch the football game with them.  Calgary Stampeders vs Saskatchewan Roughriders in the battle to take first place in the CFL West Division.   The game started out good with the Roughriders taking an early point lead......then it all went to pot in the 3rd Quarter and we lost out in the end 36 to 24 for Calgary.  One of the highlights of the game was that Getzlaf played his best game of this year with five catches for 201 yards and two touchdowns. We are proud of our team and our players even though there are times we wonder what on earth they are thinking.  We'll be wearing our green and white next week with pride and cheering all the way.

My view on what could be improved....get Cates to stop going up the middle each time into the waiting opponents to stop him in is attempt to gain some yards and change it up by going into the clearing.  He has become far to predicable in his moves and all the opposing teams know what he is going to do.  Special Teams need to pick it up too....maybe it is time for a new special teams coordinator, well we think so but the powers that be seem to like things the way they are.  Yes we all like to be Arm Chair Coaches....but I don't think it is an easy job by any means.  We all have our opinions on how things should be.

I am no expert when it comes to football but I do enjoy the game.  Not that I am glad we lost our second straight game at home but it is one we could afford to loose.  We're still in good standing to finish 2nd in the West and battle it out with Calgary once again for the right to represent the West in the 2010 Grey Cup in November.  Now that is the game we can't afford to loose.  We are all hoping they will get it together by Saturday when the meet up with the Edmonton Eskimos and again when these two rivals meet on Nov 6 at home. Then we are into the Semi Finals and Finals...and then the much awaited Grey Cup on November 28th.



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